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extensive Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that is being written collaboratively by people from around the world. It support more than 37 languages including Polish
extensive flag   pl.wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that is being written collaboratively in Polish by people in Poland and elsewhere
flag   On-line encyclopedia providing short articles with cross links on many subjects.
5,200 Webpages Polish flag   Contains over 620 entries and 800 illustrations and 31 maps dealing with event in Poland and elsewhere up through the 15th century.
2 million entries Polish flag   Knowledge Portal: Provides the first couple lines of online entry available in its entirity by subscription
limited Polish flag   Slected sample pages of the first 18 volumes of the encyclopedia to be published eventually in 30 volumes. Available for purchase on CDs
64 Latin names An en.wikipedia's alphabetical listing of the Latin names of countries.
Report broken link: copy its title or url and click here Flag Polish flag   indicates link is to a website in Polish
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