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Structure of Educational System
The educational system in Poland
3 webpages A graphic exposition understandable at a glance of the structure of the educational system with a comparison of that structure before and after the reforms of 1999.
Polish Educational System
36 webpages An in depth discussion of the educational system at it primary, secondary and higher education, as well as professional and academic titles. A website of the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange, a state institution reporting to Poland's Minister of National Education and Sport.
The System of Education in the Republic of Poland: Schools and Diplomas
10 chapters Monograph size discussion of the reforms envisaged in the Polish educational system.
Socrates - Erasmus Programme in Poland
1,570 words A account of the Polish system of education from a different vantage point, that of the European Union
Reformed System of Education in Poland
one page A graphical representation of the system of education in Poland. Page derives from the website of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.
Poland - Education system
3,180 words Document from the Higher Education Systems Database of the International Association of Universities/UNESCO International Centre on Higher Education. Data for academic year: 2001-2002
White Paper: Poland - The European Union
130 pages The 1997 White Paper deals with the conditions in Poland in the fields of science, education - with special emphasis on higher education - and technology. Its purpose related to the preparation required for Poland to become a full member of the European Union. The White Paper is presented both as .html pages and as a pdf document. The latter is 112 pages in length.
National Human Development Report 1998
21,700 words The 1998 National Human Development Report for Poland, prepared at the initiative of the UNDP office. Athough the reports purpose was to focus on barriers to access to education and to recommend policies to ensure more equality, the report provides a wealth of information on Poland's educational system.
Chapter 1. Access to Education, Human Rights and Development
Chapter 2. Equal educational opportunities
Chapter 3. Barriers in Access to Education
Chapter 4. Education and the Labour Market
Chapter 5. Decentralisation and Privatisation of the Education System
Chapter 6. Partnership for Equalised Educational Opportunities
Statistical Annex
5,410 words
4,635 words
2,125 words
1,435 words
1,360 words
4,670 words
2,060 words
Education and Economy
1,000 words An essay written in 2000 by Jack Karczewski, Managing Director of Language and Management Services Ltd, analyzing developments in Poland's Educational System since the reestablisment of the free market in 1989
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