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This page of links pertains to the Polish city of Lwów, that is a city where for centuries Poles constituted the majority of the city's multiethnic population, yet a minority of the population of the surrounding countryside which was primarily Ruthenian and Ukrainian. The history of the Polish city of Lwów came to an end in 1945 when, following the end of WW2, the city was incorporated into the then Soviet Ukraine, its name changed to Lvov (more recently Lviv) and its Polish population resettled within the new borders of the Polish state, primarily in the city of Wrocław.
Links Size Comments
54 webpages Pages about Lwów, its history, photos, monuments, landmarks, maps, surroundings, etc.
289 webpages A large website partly in English, created by a Polish emigree born there
2,050 words An Inter-War travelogue describing sights within the city
3,460 words Wikipedia's article on Lwow
730 words An account by Roman Solecki of the life of Jews in Lwów before WWII
760 words History of the Institute which from 1827 to 1945 the Institute was located in Lwów. It now is located in Wrocław
950 words Article discusses the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw and the fact that the remain of the unknown soldier now interred there were originally interred in Lwów's Cemetery of Young Eagles.
10 photos Photographs of Lwów from the Polish Room Collection of the Lockwood Library of the University at Buffalo: the Bernardine Church, Catholic Cathedral, Chapel of the Bojmów, etc.
41 photos   Spectacular contemporary photos of the Grand Theater in Lviv (formerly Lwów); primarily of its interior.
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