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1,000 words A short description of the museum which contains exhibits on the everyday lives of the city's inhabitants; pictures, engravings, costumes, furniture, crockery, gold, reconstruction of old dwellings. It also traces the influence of Warsaw on the history of the nation, the struggle for independence and freedom. The website also gives information about complex of historical building in which the museum is located.
735 webpages An extensive listing of Polish contemporary art and artists on display at Warsaw's Centre for Contemporary Art. The site includes many illustrations and in-depth descriptions of what is on display, as well as links to internet art workshops
570 webpages The Gallery, located in the centre of Warsaw, is one of the oldest exhibition halls in Poland. Zacheta's holdings consist of nearly 600 paintings, more than 2,000 works on paper (graphics, drawings and gouaches), as well as a few sculptures and textiles. Works from the 1960s and '70s constitute the bulk of the paintings.
44 webpages The nation's principal art museum
49 pages The website of the Royal Castle, once the residence of the Polish Kings and the site of its Parliaments, utterly destroyed during WWII and rebuilt to its former self in the smallest detail.
78 webpages The Royal Residence of King John III Sobieski, the Palace is a richly decorated and splendid structure.
570 webpages This is a museum that has yet to come into being. It will stand in close proximity to the Ghettto Heroes' Memorial. Its purpose will be to restore and preserve the history and rich culture of Polish Jews that was created before the Holocaust.
40 muzea   A listing of Warsaw's muzea with addresses, hours of opening, etc.
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