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many illustrations and links Prisewinning website providing a descriptions for each of Poland's 22 national parks, a factsheet providing data such as size, year of formation, turist traffic, length of trails for each park and a clickable map of Poland giving the location of each park; also a game based on the the shape of the 22 parks, descriptions
27 links The government's website with pages for each of the Polish National Parks.
18 parks Brief information about each of the listed parks
8 illustrations
16 links
A site showing the natural environment and culture of the region south of Warsaw as exemplified by the Mazowiecki and Choinowski Landscape Parks which form, together with Kampinoski National Park, Warsaw's Green Ring.
275 words
10 images
Notes and photos of the Park
55 words
7 images
Notes and photos of the Park
1,000 words
13 visuals
The Complex of Vistulan Londscape Parks formed in 1993, extending along the left bank of the Vistula from Bydgoszcz beyond Nowe, is assigned with protecting not only the natural environment, but also the cultural and historical heritage of the region.
440 words
39 links
The park protects one of the most beautiful corners of the northeast Poland
4 images Page features a wetland park
6 images Page features a wetland park
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