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Province map

Map showing location
Kujavy and Pomerania

The Province encompasses the region of the Kujavy, a name perhaps best known abroad for the home of the spirited Kujaviak dance. The northern part of the province lies in Pomerania. It is the home of numerous beautiful towns such as Torun, Golub-Dobrzyn, Biskupin and Wenecja in a land which is primarily agricultural.

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Links Size Comments
Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province 2,100,000 inhabitants 17,970 sq. km
one map Map shows major towns, roads and rivers.
one map Furnished by PolandGenWeb
490 words Website provides various types of statistical information for the province - a Polish Agency for Foreign Investment page
495 words Wikipedia's entry for the region
500 words Description of Mardi Gras celebration in the region in the Kujawy region.
1,300 words
31 photos
The Region of Kuiavia was one of the major settlement centers of what the Romans called the Barbaricum, one of the zones that lay beyond the limits of the then civilized world.
440 words A description of the Kujawiak folk dance characteristic of the region
2,025 words
6 visuals
An article about the folk dance associated with the region.
1 map Map of Poland showing major towns and roads
Bydgoszcz: Capital of the Province - 386,600 inhabitants
25 webpages Official website of the city - it opens on a Polish page and requires clicking on a small British flag at top right to reach the English language page
415 words Museum devoted to Leon Wyczolkowski (1852-1936), a painter and graphic artist, whose works are considered to be some of the most important in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Polish art
92 visuals A collection of old postcard views of Bydgoszcz dating to the time prior to 1918 when the city had been incorporated into German Prussia
580 words Wikipedia's entry for the town
Biskupin/Wenecja - 320 inhabitants
690 words
4 photos
Iron Age settlement dating to 3000 years ago that was discovered in the summer of 1933 when the waters covering it receded and was subsequently partially reconstructed.
670 words This article is adapted from from Wikipedia
31 webpages The official page of the museum presenting a variety of information about the site
750 words Page describes a "hands on" festival at the archeological site.
300 words A brief description of the reconstructed arechological site
Ciechocinek - 11,300 inhabitants
71 webpages The pages of the Spa's promotion office - provides a map of the town, information regarding its history, tourist attractions. hotels, restaurants, etc.
500 words
12 photos
The page of the health resorts principal spa hotel
Golub-Dobrzyn (Golub - Dobrzyń) - 13,100 inhabitants
125 words
3 photos
A Teutonic Knights' castle raised in the years 1305-1311 to which tourists flock to see the international tournaments organized on the castle premises.
490 words Wikipedia's entry for the town
Grudziadz (Grudziądz) - 102,800 inhabitants
530 words A brief introduction to the town
98 webpages The town's official website provides information regarding history, the economy, culture and education, sport and tourism, sight-seeing, fortifications, etc.
475 words
2 photos
A brief introduction to the town
12 webpages Each webpage features a photograph of a monument and short notes about it.
565 words Wikipedia's entry for the town
17 webpages Location, economy, leading local businesses, etc.
3,360 words total
6 photos
Pages from the Lexicon of Polish Cities, Towns and Villages
Inowroclaw (Inowrocław) - 79,400 inhabitants
4,435 words Exensive description of the town and its history
670 words Wikipedia's entry for the town
Pakosc (Pakość) - 5,900 inhabitants
7 webpages The town's official website
Torun (Toruń) - 205,800 inhabitants
extensive The official website of the city
280 words
4 maps
Various maps of Torun that can be enlarged
240 words
6 photos
Page presents commented photos of objects - buildings, monuments - reflecting on the history of the city
extensive The website of one of Poland's major university's
700 words
2 photos
A "Panorama of Polish Cities" page devoted to Torun
100 words
1 photo
UNESCO page placing Torun on the World Heritage List
625 words
2 photos
Article celebrating the 2001 award of this honor
1,070 words Wikipedia's entry for the town
Wloclawek (Włocławek) - 123,000 inhabitants
460 words
2 Photos
article describes the peace and quiet.of the town and its gardens, all much valued by patients who come to this town and its well known Spa.
300 words Wikipedia's entry for the town

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