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183 pages Report submitted in January 13, 2004 comprised of the following articles:
Article 1 Peoples' Right of Self-determination.
Article 2 - Implementation in the Domestic Legal Order. Prohibition of Discrimination.
Article 3 - Equal Status of Women and Men
Article 4 - Public Emergency
Article 5 - Principles of Interpretation of the Provisions of the Covenant
Article 6 - Right to Life.
Article 7 - Prohibition of Torture
Article 8 - Prohibition of Slavery
Article 9 - Liberty and Security of Person
Article 10 - Right of Detainees to Be Treated with Humanity and Dignity
Article 11 - Prohibition of Detention for Debt
Article 12 - Freedom of Movement
Article 13 - Protection of Aliens and Stateless Persons Against Arbitrary Expulsion
Article 14 - Right to a Fair Trial
Article 15 - Prohibition of Retroactive Criminal Laws
Article 16 - Right to Legal Personality
Article 17 - Right to Privacy
Article 18 - Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion
Article 19 - Freedom to Possess and Express Opinions
Article 20 - Prohibition of Propaganda for War and Advocacy of National, Racial or Religious Hatred
Article 21 - Freedom of Assembly
Article 22 - Freedom of Association and Trade Unions.
Article 23 - Protection of Marriage and the Family
Article 24 - Rights of the Child
Article 25 - Civil Rights
Article 26 - Equality Before the Law and Equal Legal Protection
Article 27 - Protection of Minorities
1,640 words Document issued on December 12, 2004 notes (a) the timely submission of Poland's fifth periodic report, (b) the positive aspects, and (c) the principal subjects of concern and recommendations. The issues touched upon in (c) include: restrictive abortion laws, family planning regulations, equality between men and women in the public service, domestic violence, overcrowding in prisons, right to legal aid for persons detained, duration of alternative military, non-discrimination law, discrimination against the Roma, rights of sexual minorities, desecration of cemeteries, and rights of minorities.
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