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The Polish Resistance during the German occupation was called the AK which stood for Armia Krajowa (Home Army)
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78 webpages Website presents 18 articles (varying in leght from 1,000 to 2,200 words) on various subjects pertaining to the Home Army, a bibliography listing over 60 works, a listing of relevant institutions, and a page of links
4,100 words Website provides a history of the Home Army, of the muzeum, photographs of the muzeum and information how to reach it.
4,085 words Page provides some basic information about the Home Army but is primarily devoted to a description of the organization and nature of the Polish Secret (Underground) State During the Second World War
2,325 words An analysis of available information on the contributions of the Home Army to actions that delayed the introduction of Hitler's "secret weapons"
700 words Webpage details the history and activities of the Polish resistance during WWII. The SOE of the title refers to the Special Operations Executive, a World War II British organization that had as its mission facilitation of espionage behind enemy lines.
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