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29,000 words total
63+ pages
The extensive website of the Auschwitz Memorial and Museum. It contains much detail about the many parts of the camp with many photographs and graphics, the history of the death camp, the structure of the museum and its exhibits. Suggestions referring to how to get to Oswiecim, a visit to the former camp, list of publications, etc. are included.
22,000 words total
60 pages
An excellent site: an exhibition put together by 45 students of the Linz University (Austria) after a visit to Auschwitz in 1994. The exhibition, encyclopedic in scope, has individual pages relating to a variety of subjects: the camp, its personnel, prodcedures, etc. etc., but also to the structure and personnel of the German administrative strucutre responsible for this and other death camps.
19,000 words total
30 pages
The most significant facets of life and death in Auschwitz presented in the form of an ABC book. Using this device, the webpage's author attemptes to illustrate the entire human landscape of the camp.
24 paintings
785 words
A collection of a dozen paintings and a dozen drawings documenting the conditions and events in the LGerman concentration camp, plus Komski's story
22,400 words total The website reproduces pages from German Crimes in Poland, published by the Central Commission for Investigation of German Crimes in Poland. Warsaw, 1946
Part I
Part II
Part III
570 words
6,340 words
8,215 words
7,375 words
2,025 words Site concentrates primarily on the "medical" experiments undertaken at the camp and on Oscar Schindler's exploits in getting prisoners out of Auschwitz
2600 words Simon Wiesenthal Center's Auschwitz page. Information about the opening of the camp, the killing center, arrival procedures, daily camp routing, the gas chambers, deportations to and resistance at the camp, death marches, liberation and after. More than 100 historical photographs but small in size (240x180 pixels)
35 photos Website devoted to Auschwitz II a concentration and death-camp otherwise known as Birkenau. It was the largest killing center in the entire Nazi universe. The site features a drawing of an arial view relating it the camp to Auschwitz I, a map, a collection of 35 color photographs.
13 webpages Short introduction and ten color photographs
300 words
11 photos
Good color photographs from the Auschwitz Museum with some commentary
45+ pages Extensive website with many photographs from Auschwitz/Birkenau as well as a map of the major German concentration and extermination camps and a three page timeline of events pertaining to Nazism and covering the period 1919 to 1945. Takes over whole screen and is difficult to navigate except in a forward direction or to leave (Press Control-Alt-Del)
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