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Note to the Governments of the United Nations
5,275 words Document released by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on December 30th, 1942 giving the text of a December 10, 1942 letter from Edward Raczynski, the Polish Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs to the United Nations alerting it to the persuction of Jews by the German occupiers of Poland. Also included in the document a Notice issued by the Jewish Council in Warsaw on July 22, 1942 and the text of a Broadcast made on December 17th, 1942 by the said Count E. Raczynski.
The Polish Government and the Polish Underground State
4 webpages
12,600 words
Document released on March 10, 1944. The document outlines the Polish Government, its Prime Minster, Stanislaw Mikolajczyk, its Deputy Prime Minister, Jan Kwapinski, the War Parliament, the Government's Program, the the legal bases for the establishment of the Polish Government Abroad, its recognition by the Soviet Government, the Underground Polish State in Poland, its organization
The Polish-Russian Controversy
1,915 words Document released on March 25, 1944. Discussion of the dispute which began as the Soviet offensive against the Germans carried the Red Army past the 1939 Polish-Russian border. The realse addresses the Polish-Soviet frontier as established by the Treaty of Riga in 1921, the Curzon Line, the ethnography of Eastern Poland, the Soviet 'plebiscite' in Eastern areas of Poland, the massacre of the Polish officers at Katyn, , the organization of the Underground Movement in Poland, nd its identity with the Polish Government, and the attitude of the Polish Government toward the Soviet Union.
Persecution of Jews in German Occupied Poland
5,030 words Document released on July 25, 1944. The release discusses the persecution of Jews in German Occupied Poland under the following heading: I. - Decrees Against the Jews; II. - Persecutions, Executions, and Mass-murders; III. - The Practical Application of Racial Theories; IV. - A typical Scene: the Jews in Lodz; and V. "Autonomous Administration" of the Jewish Population.
This Lublinland Reservation
1,390 words Document released on July 25, 1944. The document addresses a theme discussed in the German Press from time to time about the creation of a Jewish State to be established in the Polish province of Lublin. The release represents an effort to learn what might be the reality of the matter.
3 webpages
7,775 words
Released date of document not given; from context likely to have been in 1944. Document provides many facts, figures and interesting hard-to-find statistics about pre September 1939 Poland under the following headings:
1. Poland's Area and Population
2. Poland: a Democracy
3. Government of Poland
4. Composition of the Polish Government
5. Polands Vitality
6. Language and Religion in Poland
7. Population of Polish Cities
8. Density of Rural Population
9. Poles Abroad
  10. How the Poles Voted
11-24. Polish History
25-26. Poland's Economic Progress
27-33. The Truth about Poland (Economic Data)
35-40. Polish Culture
41-45. How the War Came to Poland
46-50. Polish Army in Exile
51-58. Poland Fights On
59-60. Poland's Post-war Plans.
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