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Enigma Time-line
320 words Relevant dates and events in the period 1929-1974.
German Enigma Cipher Machine - History of Solving
2,200 words, 11 links The Enigma Machine website providing links and a an article, The Origins of the Enigma/ultra Operation by Dr. Wladyslaw Kozaczuk, the respected historian and the author of the Enigma: How the German Cipher Machine Was Broken, and How It Was Read by the Allies in World War II
The Enigma - A Polish View
2,150 words 1. Forward; 2. Polish pre-war code breakers (1930's); 3. The methods of breaching the cipher; 4. Beginning of WWII - Evacuation to France; 5. Enigma in WW II - speculation; 6. Conclusions; 7. Bibliography.
The Enigma Machine
1,210 words A working simulation of the Enigma machine which allows the visitor to write coded messages. Site won second place in the ACM's Java Quest '97 contest. It was also chosen as an editor's choice for Bonus.com, a kids site
British Unhappy over Us Theft of 'Their' War Story; What of Poles?
1.224 words An an article occasioned by the Universal Pictures film "U-571" in which American rather that British sailors are portrayed as capturing the latest version of the German Enigma machine, threby rewriting history. The film also ignores the fact that it was the Poles who provided the British with the original version of the machine.
650 words An an article focused on the Polish pre-1939 effort to break the German code
Solving the Enigma: History of the Cryptanalytic Bombe
52 pages A book on eHistory discussing the various phases of the story.
An Application of the Theory of Permutations in Breaking the Enigma Cipher
5,575 words Article by Rejewski, one of the Polish mathematicians who broke the Enigma code, explaining the cryptographic method used in breaking the code of the Enigma machine.
Breaking the Enigma code: Polish contribution to victory
15,875 words A book length article divided into 19 sections that takes the story of its inception in the '30s through to the en
Poland's role in cracking Enigma

A Crucial Edge
690 words Two Australian government articles that focus on the roles of Poland in braking the German codes.
The Enigma Code Breach
1,500 words An article about the breaking of the Enigma code copiously illustrated with photographs
Thanks for doing a cracking job
340 words Officially recognised by Britain of the role Poles played in cracking the German Enigma codes.
Polish Enigma Double
515 words Allows downloading of a simulation of the Polish Enigma machine.
The Invention of Enigma and How the Polish Broke It Before the Start of WWII
3,975 words Details the creation of both the Enigma and the team of Polish mathematicians who broke its code.
Enigma Directory
243 links An extensive list of links pertaining to Enigma
The Origins of the Enigma
2,000 words An effort to detail how the information regarding the Polish role in the codebreaking of Enigma eventually surfaced.
The Breaking of Enigma by the Polish Mathematicians
1,650 words A chapter in Virtual Bletchley Park web-tale created by Tony Sale the original curator of the Bletchley Park Museum, and Secretary of the Bletchley Park Heritage Society
Decoding Nazi Secrets
12 webpages A NOVA pbs program and associated materials (teacher's guide, etc.) built around the cracking of the Enigma code. Sadly, Poland's pivotal is virtually completely overlooked.
Enigma Simulator v4.0
10 webpages An interesting link, providing an awardwinning Enigma simulator (Wehrmacht and Kriegsmarine models). The site also contains lots of detailled info and a complete technical description of the machine:
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