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80 webpages A large web-exhibit which seeks to convey some sense of the massive inhumanity and suffering visited upon the Jews that were confined to the Ghetto whuch the Germans created in Warsaw during World War II. Site features four galleries of historical photographs, diary entries, essays, historical documents, and poems
930 words Essay describing the variety of factors that made survival for Jews in Nazi-occupied Poland very difficult.
2,320 An account of one man's successful effort to leave the Ghetto which the Germans established in Warsaw during WWII
6 poems Bilingual presentation of poems of Itzhak Katzenelson;Tadeusz Rózewicz; Wislawa Szymborska; Czeslaw Milosz; Mieczyslaw Jastrum; Wladyslaw Szlengel inspired by events in the Ghetto
1,070 words An account how a Jewish girl was sheltered by a Polish family in Warsaw during WWII
18,400 words An English language rendition of the personal account of Marek Edelman, one of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, of the terror visited upon the Jewish population of Warsaw by Germans during their WWII occupation of Poland; the creation of the Ghetto, the existance therein, the deportations, and the Uprising of 1943.
21,000 words A longer account of the Ghetto established by the Germans in occupied Warsaw during WWII.
150 webpages A Canadian Polish Congress Toronto Division document devoted to the Warsaw Ghetto.
35 items The Jewish Virtual Library's website devoted to the Warsaw Ghetto. Most of the pages are translated transcripts from matrials derived from the Ghetto
600 words Biographical information about the leader of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
145 words UNESCO's recognition of Ringelblum's Archive as an exceptional collection of documents
110 words Brief description by the website of the Polish National Archives of the unique collection of documents recovered from under the rubble of the Warsaw Ghetto
56 words A biographical note.
715 words Information the WWII Emmanuel Ringelblum archives, the 30,000 items recording life in the Nazi-built Warsaw Ghetto that were buried by the historian and unearthed after the war. Article occasioned by an exhibition of items from the archives.
1,100 words A Museum of Jewish Heritage web exhibit.
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