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Timeline: Poland - World War II
9 webpages Extensive timelines for events in each of the years of WWII plus a Prewar and a Postwar one, all with main focus on Poland and its Armed Forces.
1,630 words Second World War timeline as it relates to Poland: Section 1: 1939-1941 The Minor Terror; Section 2: 1941-1944 The Great Terror; Section 3: The Warsaw Uprising; Section 4: 1945
The Devil's Playground
7,670 words Lecture Prof. Piotr Wrobel, first presented in the fall of 1999 at the National Holocaust Museum in Washington
Born from the Ashes and Blood
8,220 words A fluent account of WWII and as it affected Poland and events in Poland in the early post war years. Written by Zbigniew Jadczyk who makes no claim to being a historian, but who was born in 1942 to a family then living in the town of Łuck (now Lutsk, Ukraine) in the prewar Polish province of Wołyń. He also makes references, in this context, to his family's experiences.
Ordeal by Fire
2,200 words Excerpts of Chapter 21 of Adam Zamoyski's book about the History of the Poles and their Culture, The Polish Way. Posted by the Montreal Branch of the Polish Home Army Ex-servicemen Association.
Poland 1918-1952
5,720 words Narrative and timeline for the stipulated period
Polish Armed Forces 1939-1945
3,000 words
11 links
Website the principal focus of which is on units and individuals commanding or within those units
Poland's Contribution To The Allied Victory
4,000 words A site of the Federation of Poles in Great Britain: September 1939; Norway & France 1940; North Africa; The USSR; Italy; North West Europe; The Polish Navy; The Polish Air Force; The Home Army; The Polish Peoples Army.
Poland and World War II 1939 - 1945:
A Philatelic View

85 webpages An extensive presentation of the subject through the medium of postage stamps. Posting of a detailed description of the site and its various links.
The Generals of War War II: Polish Generals 1939-1945
3300 words
140 Generals
A listing of Polish Generals giving dates and commands
My Dad's Story
20 chapters A veterams experience recounted in 20 chapters, starting with September 1939 and ending in May 1945
The World at War: History of WW 1939-1945
extensive Website provides extensive information regarding WWII in all theaters including detailed chronologies.
3 webpages Many facts, figures and interesting hard to find statistics, but absence of dates makes interpretation to what year statistics apply difficult.
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