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35,800 words A wartime biographical account by Radzia Niewiarowski, born and educated in America, who accompanied her parents upon their return to Poland, married a Polish Army officer, and had two daughters by him.
3,140 words Three postings of the same US Holocaust Museum pamphlet, the third a in a somewhat shortened verison. Sections - The Invasion and Occupation of Poland; Terror Against the Intelligentsia and Clergy; Expulsions and the Kidnapping of Children; German Occupation Policies in Poland; Forced Labor and the Terror of the Camps; Daily Life for Poles under German Occupation
15,550 words English translation of a detailed account of the German liquidation of the leading professors of institutions of higher education in Lwow.
1,680 words A May 20th, 2002 letter to the President of the Federal German Republic from relatives of eminent Polish scientists and academics summarily execute by the German SS in 1941upon their entry into Lwow. President Rau's August 8, 2002 response
180 words
4 sets of links
Webpages of the League with links to official correspondence with the Presidents of Germany and the Ukraine.
1,680 words Excerpts from Chapter 3 of Thirteen Is My Lucky Number, a 1996 book of WWII experiences by Bill C. Biega
1,700 words Excerpts from Diary from the Years of Occupation 1939-1944, a transaltion of a wartime diary of a Polish physician, Dr. Zygmunt Klukowski
1,740 words A site giving some comparative statistics of total loss of life on a per capita basis in the various countries under German occupation during WWII and details some of the German prewar preparations for terror in Poland (strona nieczynna autor Łukasz Rzepiński)
480 words Basic details of German occupation of the area of Poland so titled by them.
3,090 words Twin webpages dedicated to an enquiry about Nazi terror in Poland and the identity of the non Jewish victims of that terror, particularly in Poland.
1440 words An account of life under German occupation by Karol Pelc who was four at the time it started in 1939.
2,050 words The story of Dr. Lazowski who was able to fool the Germans into believing several villages were the site of a typhus epidemic. Filming of year 2000 reunion in Poland
920 words The story of Benny Hochman. His father was a baker, and his father's parents were from Germany. Hochman's mother had Ukrainian ancestry. One night, the family heard knocking at their door at 2 a.m. It was the Gestapo. He spent three years in Auschwitz and two years in Buchenwald.
1,700 words Zygfryd Baginski, a Pole, tells his story of life in a concentration camp
1150 words Brief account by Joseph S. Wardzala of being rounded up on the street in Tarnow on April 1941 and trasported to Germany for slave labor.
9,025 words A detailed account of the production of Typhus Vaccine by Polish scientists in Lwow during the WWII occupation of the city by the Germans. At the time when Germans were liquidating other professors in Lwow, the German's need for the vaccine dictated a different bahavior. An enlighting account that is revealing.
10 webpages Story of a women, a member of Zegota, who helped to save a number of Jews and paid dearly for doing so.
13 webpages Story of a young man who helped his Jewish neighbors, the Rozens family and used all of his considerable talents to ensure the safety of Christine Rozen and her mother
The University of Cracow Library under Nazi Occupation: 1939-1945
6,680 words An article by Marek Sroka, the first in Winter 1999 issue of Libraries and Culture: a Journal of Library History 34: No 1
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