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Gallery of Pulaski Monuments
10 items Views of Pulaski monuments in Washinton, D.C., Buffalo, Boston, Hartford, Philadephia and Savannah, as well as in Czestochowa
Gallery of Historical Paintings
3 items Paintings of Pulaski at Czestochowa (2) and at the Battle of Savannah
Philatelic Images
2 items A 2 cents stamp (1931) and a 10 cents postal card (1997)
"The Deeds of Kazimierz Pulaski " Essay
1,000 words Tracing the General's achievements in Poland and the United States
Biographical Links
Pulaski Documentary -- Script Summary
2,250 words An intersting and refreshing though unusual mode of gaining information about Pulaski. Part of an appeal from a film maker who is seeking to make a documentary about Pulaski in time foo the ceremonial reburial of Pulaski in Savannah during October of 2004.
A Chronology of Casimir Pulaski's Life 1745-1779
2,375 words An annotated chronology of the General's life.
Casimir Pulaski 1747 - 1779: A Short Biography
1,300 words The Chicago Public Library's short account of Pulaski's life in Poland and exile, as well as an account of his role in the American Revolution.
Casimir Pulaski: Father of American Cavalry
620 words
A short biography
Kazimierz Pulaski
1,340 words A biography by Prof. Roman Solecki
Where is Pulaski Buried?
310 words Was Genera! Pulaski was given a burial at sea, or were his remains interred in the Pulaski Monument at Savannah?
Pulaski coloring pages
3 pages A portrait of Pulaski; Pulaski with Washington, Fort Pulaski
Casimir Pulaski Pages
12 pages Short biographies; word searches, coloring pages, and Pulaski Day Activities
Who was Casimir Pulaski
11 webpages The Chicago Historical Society's Just the Arti-Facts seeks to answer questions regarding the biography of Casimir Pulaski and, in a set of companion pages, the corollary question: "How do we remember Pulaski?"
Pulaski's remains and Savannah's monument
The Pulaski Monument in Monterey Square
520 words A description of the monument, its history, and its restoration
One More Funeral of Kazimierz Pulaski
1,500 words An account of events surrounding the discovery of human remains, probably Genral Pulaski's in the base of the Pulaski monument in Savannah, GA. Translation of an article by Dr. Antoni Lenkiewicz which appeared in June 1999 in Wroclawska Gazeta Polska. t
General Pulaski's Body
5,000 words The persevering efforts by Edward Pinkowski to learn the fate of General Pulaski's remains. Text of a presentation made by Edward Pinkowski in October 1997 at the Pulaski Museum in Warka, Poland
Polish News: October 2001
5,735 words Page features a description of a visit to Savannah and its Pulaski heritage (With Pulaski in Savannah: 1,200 words), a discussion of how Polish Americans celebrate October 11, the anniversary of the General's death (Pulaski Day -- Polonia's Special Occasion: 1,475 words), and a short article about a town in Virginia which happens to bear the General's name (Making Pulaski Polish: 800 words)
Pulaski Monument
2.450 words Two historical documents; one detailing the content of the time capsule placed in the Pulaski monument in at the time of its erection in 1853, the other a letter from the designer of the monument detailing it. Also a reprint of a July 1998 article from Savannah's Georgia Guardian discussing the problematic condition of the monument and the reasons why it needed extensive restoration.
Cash shortage stalls monument restorations
525 words A news story from the Savannah Morning News of August 8, 1998 detailing the finacial difficuties surrounding the restoration of Savannah's Pulaski monument.
The Exhumation That Wasn't
1,350 words An account by Ed Pienkowski of the efforts to obtain a sample of the remains of General Pulaski's grandniece that would be suitable for mitochondrial DNA analysis for comparison with that of the remains found in the base of Savannah's Pulaski monument.
Pulaski in Poland
The Town of a Hero of Two Nations
650 words An introduction to Warka, the birthplace of Kazimierz Pulaski
Kazimierz Pulaski Museum in Warka
several pages The museum's website - floor plans, expositions, etc.
The Gorlice Episode
2,275 words A Polish language article (and its not so great English translation) about the encampents of the Bar Confederation's armed units under Pulaski's commandand in the borderland region south of Gorlice in the Beskid Mountains and their battles with the Russian armies in the period Spring of 1769 to August 1790.
The Four Birth Records of Kazimierz Pulaski
2,320 words An account and analysis of Pulaski's birth records with the conclusion that he was born in Warsaw on 6 March 1745. That the father of Poland's lask king was one of the witnesses of the baptism speak to his social prominence.
General Pulaski Memorial Day, 2002
450 words A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America
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