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420 words
40 dates
Chronology of the Pope's life
17 monuments An annotated gallery of photographs of 17 of John Paul II's monuments in Poland
9,400 words Wikipedia's entry for John Paul II
7,300 words Extensive biographical information presented by Roman Solecki
10,715 words The Pilgrim Pope (1,420 words)
The Pope's will (2,450 words)
John Paul II: In his own words (570 words)
Pope John Paul II: Timeline (2,005 words)
Taking on Communism (840 words)
Jewish Relations (400 words)
Family Values (575 words)
Aboriginal connection (500 words)
Key writings (950 words)
Vatican History (1,405 words)
1,080 words A personal account by a Polish-American of John Paul II's visits to New York City in 1979 and to Gdansk in 1987
1,405 words Essay regarding the long struggle between Poland's communist authorities and Karol Wojtyla and the latter's inspiration of Solidarity.
500 words Lech Walensa's personal testimony regarding the inspirational role John Paul II played in the creation of Solidarity and the demise of Poland's communist regime
810 words A brief assessment of the activist Pope and an account how he came to be elected to the Papacy.
15,200 words Draft version of article analyzing the rethoric of John Paul II's speeches during his pastoral visits to Poland and how it emboldened the reform movement led by Solidarity.
2,735 words Time Magazine Man of the Year in 1994 essay.
755 words A commentary by a paticipant on the historic day of the Karol Wojtyla's first visit to his homeland as Pope and the stirring speech that moved the nation in its struggle against the communist regime.
69 webpages biographical information, writings and speeches, travels, articles and stories, in the news, etc.
180 webpages Website of a 1999 CNN special: Biography, Successors, Selection Process, Photo Essay, Quiz, Video Gallery, Pictorial Biography,Legacy
2,840 words A look at Pope John Paul II through the eyes of Karol Wojtyla's boyhood friends. A Warsaw Voice article. Cached
1,900 words An address delivered by John Paul II at the Vatican on the occasion of the 180th anniversary of the grat Polish poet, Cyprian Kamil Norwid.
6,880 words A 1999 letter in which John Paul II repeatedly refers to the concept of art held by the great Polish poet Cyprian Norwid.
600 titles A vast bibliography of writings by the Pope, about the Pope and about his theological vision.
46 webpages Extensive notes and syllabus for course of the title name.
1,790 words New York Times review by Christopher Caldwell of Universal Father: A Life of Pope John Paul II by Garry O'Connor and The Pontiff in Winter: Triumph and Conflict by John Cornwell
265 words News report indicative of the high regard in which the world wide Jewish community held John Paul II.
305 words A March 2, 2006 news item reporting the conclusions of an Italian parliamentary commission that the1981 assassination attempt on the late Pope John Paul II was organized by the Soviet Union.     cached
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