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7,750 words
20 photos
7 maps
The Peace Conference and Poland's Western Frontiers
-- I. Iintroductory Note.
-- II. Poland at the Paris Peace Conference, (January 12-june 28, 1919): The Decisions on the Polish-German Frontier
-- III. Working out the Polish-German Settlement: A. Danzig; B.East Prussia; C. Upper Silesia
-- Poland and Soviet Russia: 1917-1921; The Bolshevik Revolution; The Polish-Soviet War; The Establishment of the Polish-Soviet Frontier: A. Historical Background; B. 1917-1919; C. The Polish-Soviet War
-- The Polish-Lithunian Conflict over Vilnius; The Polish-Ukrainian Conflict over East Galicia.
10,250 words
26 photos
-- The Context and the Realities of Eastern Europe - General Characteristics and Problems (1525 words)
-- Central Europe: Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia, 1919-1939
    -- 1. Poland: (i) Politics; (ii) Economics, Education, Social Services, Women, the Arts, Land Reform, Education, Social Services; (iii) Minorities (5,200 words)
    -- 2. Czechoslovakia (1675 words)
    -- 3. Interwar Hungary. (1850 words)
5,720 words -- From Rebirth to the September 1939 Campaign (1,080 words)
-- From September 1939 to the Establishment of the People's Republic (760 words)
-- Timeline: 1918 - 1939 (1,790 words)
-- Timeline: 1939- 1952 (1,950 words)
1,900 words Page primarily concentrates on political developments and the role of Pilsudski and his adherents.
1,000 words Sarmatian Review's book review of Richard M. Watt's work of the above title
1,765 words Pilsudski and the Second Republic 1918-1926. History in an outline form.
2,765 words Pilsudski and the Second Republic (2): 1926-1935. History in an outline form.
12,200 words An account of Polish-Jewish relations in the interwar period in Poland
7,475 words An essay by Dimitri Shalikashvili, the father of Gen. John M. Shalikashvili who became the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces. Like other Georgian miltary officers left Georgia after it had been conquered by Russia in 1921, he was accepted into the Polish Army and consequetly lived in Poland for 20 years. The essay provides an opportunity to learn his impression of interwar Poland.
2,850 words A longer review of the miltary conflicts that followed Poland's reemergence as a soverign nation in 1918
1,850 words An account of the development of the Polish Air Force in the interwar period. Also information regarding the role it had in the September 1939 campaign.
1,000 words
5 images
Polish Pre-War Civil Aviation: an account of first crossing of the South Atlantic. The RWD-5 and RWD-5 bis aircraft, and Capt. Skarzynski's 1933 transatlantic flight
6 webpages, 8,325 words, 140 visuals The iconic story of a passanger liner that symbolized Poland's seafearing aspirations
Ship of State MS Pilsudski: The Tragic Glory
Captain Mamert Stankiewicz
The Wreck of the MS Pilsudski
Gdynia, its Home Port
The Gdynia-America Line
Memories of MS Pilsudski
  4,780 words, 45 visuals
  305 words, 20 visuals
  400 words, 9 visuals
  1,900 words, 18 visuals
  600 words, 16 visuals
  420 words, 31 visuals
3 webpages
7,775 words
A document released by the Polish Government in London during WWII: date of document not given but from context likely in 1944. Document provides many facts, figures and interesting hard-to-find statistics about pre September 1939 Poland under the following headings:
1. Poland's Area and Population
2. Poland: a Democracy
3. Government of Poland
4. Composition of the Polish Government
5. Polands Vitality
6. Language and Religion in Poland
7. Population of Polish Cities
8. Density of Rural Population
9. Poles Abroad
  10. How the Poles Voted
11-24. Polish History
25-26. Poland's Economic Progress
27-33. The Truth about Poland (Economic Data)
35-40. Polish Culture
41-45. How the War Came to Poland
46-50. Polish Army in Exile
51-58. Poland Fights On
59-60. Poland's Post-war Plans.
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