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540 words From the arrival of Poles to Jamestown in 1608, and those who came at the time of the American Revolution, to the settelment in Panna Maria, TX, in1854
215 words Page provides information about the arrival in Jamestown in 1608 of a group of Poles.
9,710 words A 1911 article with sections on: Causes of Immigration; Distribution and Statistics; Customs; Polish Charitable Institutions; The Polish Press in the United States. Also tables giving immigration by census date and location by diocese.
7,570 words Essay subtitled: Irish - American and Polish - American Nationalism in the United States. By Tadeusz Paleczny of the Jagiellonian University.
7,370 words Essay by Tadeusz Paleczny of the Jagiellonian University.
26,500 words
5 webpages
A detailed account, published in 1951, of Fr. Moczygemba's life including his role in the founding the settlement of Panna Maria, TX
1,240 words Page indentifies and discusses the various waves of emigration from Poland, those that followed uprising in 1830, the emigration that occured in years 1870-1913, the one in the interwar years and ones since then.
2,800 words An entry in the <I>Encyclopedia of Revolutions of 1848</I> focuses on the political emigration that occurred after the failures of the 1830-31 November Rising, the 1948-9 revolution and the 1863--1864 January Rising.
4,275 words Article deals with some of the major aspects in the history of the Milwaukee Polonia: the church, the fraternal organizations, and the Polish press.
2,950 words An examination of the immigration, region by region and by occupation with many numerical values regarding Poles at various locations, etc.
1,885 words An informed critique of the American Polonia tracing its various roots, analyzing its politics, relations with Poland, and its culture. Separate sections on faith, academia, and its image in the media
10,600 words
16 illustrations
The story of Panna Maria, the first Polish settlement in the United States
1,790 words
19 visuals
An exploration of a community formed in 1857 by 14 families from the original 1854 Polish Texas settlement of Panna Maria. - Cached
15 webpages The Polish American Experience as represented by Churches and Schools, by the Polish Language Press, and by Community Organizations and Fraternal Groups. Also pages defining the Polish American Identity
5,355 words
  • Three Waves of Massive Polish Immigration -- 735 words
  • Restrictions against East European Immigration, 1880-1920 -- 605 words
  • Polish Assassin of President McKinley -- 720 words
  • Early History of the German and Polish Colonization in Texas -- 500 words
  • Panna Maria - Difficult First Years -- 490 words
  • Panna Maria and Cowboys from Helena -- 510 words
  • Where do Poles live in the USA; Part I, Statistics, Poles in NYC -- 620 words
  • Where do Poles live in the USA; Part 2, Polish Chicago - 580 words
  • Where do Poles live in the USA; Part 3, Detroit and other Immigration Centers -- 595 words
    4,750 words Info-Poland Reader Chapter 2 of Polish-American Folklore, a book by Deborah Anders Silverman published in 2000.
    1190 words
    5 photos
    A recounting of important Polish-Americans historical landmark and an examination why the settlement has virtually become a ghost town
    510 words The Page gives locations of the states and the largest urban locations of people of Polish origin or ancestry in the USA and Germany
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