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Waclaw Sierpinski
2,185 words Sierpinski's lived through various foreign occupations of Poland and two world wars. The article melds descriptions of his mathematical work and many achievements with those of how he responded to and coped to the various adverse events that affected life during his lifetime.
Polish School of Mathematics
220 words A short biographical sketch placing Sierpinski in the context of the larger 20th century flowering of Polish mathematics and the longer article desribing it.
Polish Mathematicians on stamps
120 words
6 images
A philatelic tribute to the leaders of the 20th century flowering of mathematics in Poland
Waclaw Sierpinski www.stetson.edu/~efriedma/../Si.html 690 words A brief biographical account which indicates the areas of mathematics Sierpinski tackled and stresses the leadership role he assumed among Polish mathematicians.
Waclaw Sierpinski (1882-1969)
230 words A short biographical sketch and several pages illustrating ways of generating fractals. These include Sierpinski Gasket or triangle, Sierpinski Carpet, and Sierpinski Pentagon as well as a Fractal Poem
Waclaw Sierpinski
13 webpages Obituary --reproduced from Acta Arithmetica 21 (1972) 1-13
Waclaw Sierpinski, mathematician
1,870 words A biography by Prof. Roman Solecki
Pictorial Representations
Waclaw Sierpinski 6.00 zl stamp
Waclaw Sierpinski 6.00 zl stamp
1 image Portrait of Sierpinski created using graph paper


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