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> Rajchman, Ludwik (1881-1965)

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Ludwik Rajchman (1881-1965)
1,230 words
An annotated time line/biography of the bacteriologist, physician and cofounder of UNICEF; based on Marta Balinska's book: A Life for Humanity
Rajchman, Ludwik (1881-1965), Polish bacteriologist and international civil servant.
530 words A short biography of Rajchman posted on the "History of the League of Nations" section of the United Nations Office at Geneva.
For the Good of Humanity: Ludwik Rajchman, Medical Statesman
770 words A review by John F. Hutchinson of Marta A. Balinska's biography of Rajchman. Published in the American Historical Review
The quintessential humanitarian
510 words An unsigned review of Marta A. Balinska's biography of Rajchman.
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