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A Fractured Identity: The Lemko of Poland
1,665 words
4 illustrations
The Lemko, sometimes considered to be Ruthenian or Rusyn, have for centuries inhabited the northern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains in Poland (near the Ukrainian border), an area is known to the locals as Lemkovyna, or Lemkowszczyzna in Polish. They belonged to the eastern branch of Christianity, used the Cyrillic alphabet and spoke an East Slavic language - yet they were neither Polish nor Ukrainian. Forced to leave their ancestral lands in the aftermath of World War II, they were subsequently allowed to return there and since 1989 have begun to focus on preserving their unique culture and asserting their political rights.
Ethno-national Orientation Among Lemkos in Poland
5.900 words Article and study on which it is based seek to define who are the Lemko: are they a part of the Ukrainian nation, or of a newly re-emergent Carpatho-Rusyn people? The author points out that the collapse of communism in East-Central Europe in 1989 created more political space for ethno-national minorities to assert themselves. The Lemkos are a minory that has re-emerged with remarkable speed. During the communist era, the Ukrainian identity was the only non-Polish ethno-national identity under which the Lemkos could organize and manifest their cultural and community life. With the fall of communism, however, a Rusyn 'orientation' has re-emerged among the Lemkos, both preceding and inspired by the resurrection of a Carpatho-Rusyn ethnic identity in other former communist countries.
Lemkos in Poland - Internal divisions
790 words The page describes the diversity seen in the Lemko national minority in Poland, namely in the areas of identity - self-identification, and of religion. With regard to self-idnetification, thedivision is into a group of Ukrainian orientation and one of Karpatho-Rusyn orientation. With regard to religion, the division into those of Greek Catholic and those of Orthodox faiths.
Carpatho-Rusyn Homeland
a map A map of the present day location of the Carpatho-Rusyn Homeland.
Pre World War I Rusyn Settlement.
a map A map of the pre WWI location of the Carpatho-Rusyn Homeland
The Lemko-rusniak Mountaineers and the National Question in People's Poland
4,180 words Article discusses the demographic shifts that in the aftermath of WWII were brought about by the Polish government, in part due to Soviet pressure and the changed frontiers of the Polish state.
Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base
112 links The Carpatho-Rusyn Society's Knowledge Base
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