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221 webpages Website of the Polish Library at McGill University. The Library is part of the Montréal branch of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in Canada whose mission is to maintain and develop the Library as a public library for the benefit of the Polish-Canadian community and of all those interested in Poland and her culture, and to maintain art and other collections, and the archives of the Corporation. From its inception, the Institute has enjoyed the support of succesive Principals of McGill University, who all have served as its Honorary Presidents, and by a decision of the University Board of Governors, the Institute has been located on McGill University campus.
100+ webpages Website provides webpages under rubrics such as: Poland History; Poland Facts; Polish Home Army and Secret (Underground) State During the Second World War; and Holocaust of Polish People
18 webpages A non-profit organization made up of Polish ex-servicemen, their children and recently, new Polish emigres making Canada their new home.
3 webpages The goal of the Institute is the exchange of views on the subject of the Polish history and culture in Canada.
21 webpages The Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 1993 for the purpose of supporting Polish culture and language.
4 webpages The Federation ios an organization of women of Polish origin. It has the goal of preserving its members cultural values and of makomg a positive contribution to Canadian society.
45 webpages An umbrella organization established to coordinate the activities and articulate the concerns of the Canadian Polish community on public policy issues. One of the related aims is promoting Polish culture, language, and traditions and knowledge of Polish history.More than 240 organizations belong to the Congress which represents the Polish community in Canada and speaks for some 700,000 Polish Canadians. .
78 webpages Provides members with a common platform for cooperation, exchange of knowledge and views, ect. Also it assists members in adaptating to the Canadian engineering market-place, search for employment, etc.
11 links Information about the Association, events it sponsors, relevant links, etc. some in English, much in Polish
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