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Polish American Organizations in the Bay Area
17 links A listing of 49 Polonian organizations in the San Francisco Bay area giving names, addresses, telephone numbers.
Polish Club - San Francisco
184 webpages An organization serving the Polish Community Since 1926. Its website is primarily a community notice board.
Helena Modjeska Art and Culture Club- Los Angeles
6 links The Club is dedicated to promoting Polish heritage through sponsoring lectures, publications, cultural events and artistic performances. The website reports on the activities of the Club.
Polonia San Diego
5 pages Website provides information regarding Polonian organizations and events in the San Diego area in California.
St. Martin's Society - Denver
8 webpages Society represents the Polish National Alliance in the State of Colorado. It mounts several activities throughout the year to promote Polish culture.
Polski Salon Artystyczny w. San Diego
Polish Arts and Culture Society in San Diego

2,415 words PL The organization, led by Dr. Jerzy Barankiewicz (jbaranki@aol.com) has compiled an impressive record of cultural achievement since 1992. This is documented by the linked website in Poland. The Salon, which does not have its own website, has the postal address of 12457 Carmel Cape Rd., San Diego, CA 92130
Polish Arts and Culture Foundation - San Francisco
- Splendor of Poland - website
67 webpages Established in 1966, the Foundation shares with Americans the wealth of Polish history and cultural achievements, most recently by mounting the "Splendor of Poland" website to coincide with the Leonardo DaVinci and the Splendor of Poland exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco
Polish American Foundation of Connecticut, Inc
six webpages A statewide organization that seeks to enhance cultural, economic and social development in the community it serves.
District of Columbia
American Center of Polish Culture - Washington, DC
12 wepages Disseminates information on a nationwide basis about all aspects of Polish and Polish-American contributions to society. Fosters, promotes, and sponsors cultural and educational programs that build interest in all aspects of Polish and Polish American Life and culture.
Friends of the Polish Library - Washington, DC
101 webpages The Friends, a private, non-profit organization, operate The Polish Library, a circulating library serving the needs of the Polish community in Metropolitan Washington.
Polish American Congress Washington Office - Washington, DC
619 webpages This is the Washington office of the Chicago-based national umbrella organization known as the Polish American Congress.
Polish American Health Association, Inc. - Washington, DC
7 webpages Association has as its goal to bring together health care and health sciences workers as well as those working in related areas with the purpose of discussion of mutual professional, cultural and social topics of common interest, and to promote and preserve the Polish medical tradition and heritage
PolishWashington.com - Washington, DC
92 webpages Provides crucial information related to Poland & Washington, D.C.
American Institute of Polish Culture - Miami, FL
157 wepages The aims of this organization are "to share with all Americans the rich heritage of Poland, which has contributed in important ways to Western civilization, and to establish a center of educational facilities and resources for the encouragement and prom otion of the scientific and aesthetic endeavors of Americans of Polish descent."
Chopin Foundation of the United States, Inc. - Miami, FL
88 webpages The Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to the support, both financial and professional, of young talented musicians. Its preeminent event is the quinquennial American National Chopin Piano Competition, which is open to native-born or naturalized American pianists. The programs of the Foundation are directed toward the encouragement of America's future master musicians while servicing the communities that support them. In addition, the Foundation aims to propagate the name of Chopin and his music.
The Paderewski Symphony Orchestra
62 webpages The recently renamed Polish American Symphony Orchestra has the specific goal of promotion of dialogue between communities that are unaware of each other's magnificence. Its musicians, of both Polish and American backgrounds, have a fierce, utter dedication to the one language they all share.
Polish Museum of America - Chicago
184 words The Museum is one of the oldest and largest ethnic museums in the U.S. With its 60,000 volumes, 250 periodicals, collections of Polish music records and cassettes, the Museum Library ranks as one of the best, outside of Poland. The website provides information regarding opening hours and location of the museum and the library.
Polish American Association - Chicago
23 links A human services agency offering a comprehensive range of bilingual, bicultural services to the Polish community. Its mission of is to improve the well-being of individuals and to strengthen the community. Each month more than 3,000 individuals are served through one of our 30 programs and services, the major ones being Education, Employment, Immigration, Social Services, Information and Advocacy.
Polish National Alliance - Chicago
21 links The largest ethnic fraternal benefit society in the United States it is over 230,000 members strong. It provides insurance protection for Americans of Polish origin, their families, friends and neighbors. Additionally, the Alliance works to promote citizenship participation in the life of the United States and to enlighten members and their fellow Americans about the heritage of Poland--through its biweekly publication, "Zgoda," its daily newspaper, "Dziennik Zwiazkowy," and its radio station in Chicago, WPNA.
Polish Women's Alliance of America - Chicago
16 links A fraternal benefit society that serves the insurance, investment, educational and volunteer needs of the Polish and Polish American communities. The site contains information about insurance and annuities. The Alliance sponsors Special Programs and Events.
Polish American Leadership Initiative - Chicago
8 links An organization formed to advance the interests of Chicago's Polish-American community and of the Greater Chicago community through new collective and individual initiatives.
PolOrg.com - Chicago
43 links An information resource center principally for and about non-profit organizations providing services to Polonia, promoting/supporting Polish language, art and culture abroad. The website in the process of development - for additional information click on the organization's logo.
PolskiInternet.com - Chicago
54 links Commercial page lists Polonian organizations and businesses, primarily in the Chicago area.
Polish Community of Baltimore - Baltimore, MD
28 pages Site outlines the history of Baltimore's Polish community and provides links.
Polish Cultural Foundation - Boston, MA
20 wepages An organiztion to promote Polish culture, language, traditions, and history, to support the interests of the Polish American community, and to establish a Polish cultural center,
Friends of Poland - Centerville, MA
six wepages An all volunteer organization that was founded to provide medical and educational assistance to Poland
Polish National Home Association - Grafton, MA
21 webpages A Polish club started in 1929 and now located in a 1935 building newly renovated in its original 1930's style.
The Piast Institute - Hamtramck, MI
17 webpages An independent, non-profit Institute with a mission to act as a think tank and data resource center for Polonia and todevelop services for the Polish American community.
The Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan
18 webpages Dedicated to promoting interest and encouraging research in Polish genealogy and preserving historical materials which would aid in researching Polish family history.
Polish Genealogical Society of Minnesota
one webpage
Polish American Club St. Paul, MN
10 webpages The Club exists proudly with members from all cultural backgrounds. Its events include Live Music, Lenten Fish Fries, May Days Celebration, Saints Baseball Game, Heritage Mass, Pow Wow, Fall Booya and Christmas Celebrations.
Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota
5 webpages A community resource for information on Poland and Polish Americans. It hosts visiting Polish dignitaries, sponsors lectures by visiting Polish academics and writers, promotes appreciation of Polish folk arts, organizes displays and celebrations, and presents classes on Polish topics
Polish-American Cultural Society
4 links Society seels tp preserve and promote the best of the Polish heritage in Saint Louis, for richment of the shared American culture. Via its newsletter section, the website reports upcoming St Louis area Polonian events.
Polish Heritage Center
18 links The Website of the Heritage Center located in the small Village of Ashton in Nebraska. The Center and its museum represent an effort to preserve the ancestral language, culture and traditions of one of the most significant immigrant groups ever to come to Nebraska.
Polish American Center - Las Vegas
24 links Organization devoted to promote and unite the activities of the people of Polish ancestry in the Southern Nevada Region.
New Jersey
Polish Children's Foundation
27 webpages Organization devoted to enhancing the training and scholarly activities of doctors in pediatrics by bringing to America young pediatric surgeons and neonatologists who spend three month periods as Visiting Scholars and Observers at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City so that on return they may share the.acquired knowledge with colleagues and associates in both Poland and many other eastern European countries. Fund raising efforts of the Foundation center around concerts and other cultural and artistic events.
Polonijny Klub Podróznika - Wallington, NJ
69 webpages Also called the "Polish American Travellers Club" the Polish language explorers organization organizes expeditions, but also lectures and social events such as balls.
New York
Kosciuszko Foundation - New York City
135 wepages The Kosciuszko Foundation is dedicated to promoting educational and cultural exchanges between the United States and Poland and to increasing American understanding of Polish culture and history. The websites pages provide information regarding membersh ips and headquarters; Foundation Chapters; summer study abroad opportunities sponsored by the Foundation; its grants and scholarships; books that can be purchased through the Foundation; Foundation news; and a short biography of Thaddeus Kosciuszko.
Polish Cultural Institute- New York City
125 webpages The Institute's website provides information regarding upcoming Polish cultural theatre, film, music, art, and other events in New York City and other locations throughout the United States.

A diplomatic mission of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland to the United States. The New York-based Institute is dedicated to promoting and nurturing cultural ties between the United States and Poland, both through American exposure to Poland's cultural achievements, and through exposure of Polish scholars and artists to American trends, institutions, and professional counterparts.
Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America - New York City
276 wepages The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America is a Polish-American non-profit organization supported exclusively by the public, its members and friends. Founded in 1942, it has become the leading center of learning and source of information about Poland.
Jozef Pilsudski Institute of America - New York City
2,570 words Page describing the institute, its history, its publications, its archival materials and its mission.
Polish Arts Club of Buffalo - Buffalo, NY
173 webpages Website provides info regarding the Club's upcoming and past event, its projects, etc. designed to provide the public an opportunity to savor Poland's rich culture, to discover the contributions of Polonia and to safeguard Polonian heritage.
Polonia of the Eastern Great Lakes - Buffalo, NY
21 webpages A Regional Resource listing over 500 Polish-American and Polish-Canadian organizations situated on Lakes Erie and Ontario within 150 miles of Buffalo, New York. Site also features a regional calendar of Polonian events and local Polonian newsbites.
WNY Polonia - Buffalo, NY
383 webpages Organization dedicated to bringing you the most informative, useful, and entertaining web resources for all things related to our Polonia Community in Western New York.
Polish Cultural Foundation - Buffalo, NY
11 webpages An organization that has as its mission the support the Polish culture, with special emphasis on Polish language, arts, and history and the preservation the Polish national heritage in the United States in order to enrich the American culture at large.
Polish Amercan Museum - Port Washington, NY
300 words Funded in 1977, it's an educational resource. It displays in its 30 rooms documents, artifacts, paintings, displays and exhibits illustrating the achievements of people of Polish heritage. It sponsors a variety of activities, lectures, concerts, exhibits etc.
American Polish Council of Long Island - Hempstead, NY
17 webpages The Council's mission is to foster social, civic and cultural activities including a "Polish Day Picnic" in June, and a "Polish Night" held every July in Eisenhower Park. Also it award annually a college scholarship to a qualified individual in the Polish community.
Polish Scholarship Fund, Inc. - Camillus, NY
27 webpages An organization that has brought the Polish Day celebration to the Syracuse community since 1954 and raises money for the award of scholarships to students of Polish descent.
Polish Union of America - West Seneca, NY
62 wepages An organization which seeks to provide members and interested persons the full benefits of belonging to a fraternal organization including death benefits, comradery, interesting cultural events and exciting excursions.
Polish and Slavic Center - Brooklyn, NY
38 webpages Page provides information about the Centere's programs: Immigration and Legal Services Program; Colony for New Immigrant Children after School Program; American Youth Initiative; American Language Guild; Community Action Program; Krakus Luncheon Club; John Paul II Friendship Center; and Extended Social Services Program. The Center has locations in Greenpoint, in Clifton, NJ, in Ridgewood, Queens and at St. Marks Place, Manhattan.
North Carolina
Polish-American Cultural Society of North Carolina - Charlotte
70 webpages Organization whose main goal is to popularize Polish history and culture by organizing cultural events, providing classes in Polish language, crafts, and cuisine, building Web site dedicated to Polish culture and history and related events in North Carolina and vicinity, publishing a newsletter, and oganizing interest groups like Book Club, Women Group, Tea Party for Seniors, etc.
Cleveland Society Of Poles - Cleveland, OH
11 webpages The Society's credo leads it to seeks a union of American resident Poles and Americans of Polish descent and extraction. Over the years, the members of the Society have organized and enjoyed a variety of social events: picnics, theater parties, golf outings, boat rides and Lake cruises.
John Paul II Polish American Cultural Center
50 webpages Organization dedicated to promoting Polish culture, traditions and social development in the Polish community and beyond.
Polish American Cultural Center - Philadelphia, PA
109 webpages Website of the Polish American Cultural Center and Museum Exhibit Hall, a focal point for many Polish American affairs in the greater Philadelphia area.
Polish Cultural and Political Association of Allegheny County
4 webpages A non-partisan, social, and political organization that provides a forum for the sharing of treasured, Polish heritage and traditions as well as for the promotion of itsolitical ideals.
Forum Polonia - Houston
54 links Forum Polonia serves as a platform for communication and cooperation within the Polish community in Houston. The site has links to several Houston area Polish organizations, which are associated with Forum Polonia, and to other sites of interst
Chopin Society of Houston
--- The Society organizes an annual Luncheon and Concert Gala. It also organizes a bi-annual Chopin Youth Competition and, in alternate years, a bi-annual a Polish Music Festival.
Polish Genealogical Society of Texas
18 links Information about the organization, about early Polish settlements in Texas, about Polish Traditions, etc.
Polish Home Association- Seattle, WA
15 links Website details programs and activities of the Association, some in English, some in Polish.
Society for Polish Culture
29 webpages The Society's main founding principle is the propagation of knowledge of Polish culture and art in Polish-American and American communities, through various activities ranging from organizing to supporting artistic and cultural initiatives in its region.
Polanki, Polish Women's Cultural Club - Milwaukee, WI
32 webpages Founded in 1953, the organization is dedicated to promoting knowledge and appreciation of Polish culture among Milwaukee Poles and non-Poles alike. Throughout the year it invites speakers on Polish culture to its meetings and promotes public lectures and exhibits in the Milwaukee area.
Polish Center of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI
one page Center serves as a gathering place for Polish organizations, friends, and families. The staff helps sponsor and coordinate meetings, performances, and other artistic, cultural, and political activities.
Other Listings
Interactive US Map
51 webpages An attempt at the creation of a comprehensive data base of Polish American Organizations, Businesses, Churches, Schools, and other Institutions, state by state. Compiled by the American Polish Advisory Council
Polonia of the Eastern Great Lakes
21 webpages Provides a listing over 500 Polish-American and Polish-Canadian organizations situated on Lakes Erie and Ontario within 150 miles of Buffalo, New York.
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