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Polish Museum Explores Life and History of Gypsies
830 words, one illustration Artcle regarding the Ethnographic Museum in Tarnow devoted to the history and life of the Gypsies -- or Romas as they call themselves (from Sanskrit word for 'man'), The small museum, opened by the Polish government in 1979, offers a chance to learn more about the Gypsies in an hour than most Eastern Europeans, and many Gypsies themselves, learn about Gypsy history in a lifetime. The museum provides a guidebook in English and Polish.
The Roma in Poland: A Bibliography
270 words An annotated list of four books dealing with the Roma in Poland.
The Gypsy Caravan of Memory and Roma National Identity
1,915 words, 4 images flag   Site describes a cultural program organized realized in Tarnów by the Ethnography Museum and the Socio-Cultural Association of the Roma. Reflecting on the Roma Holocaust at the hand of the Nazis during World War II, the caravan follows a trail between places commemorating the martyrdom of fellow Gypsies and connected with their history.
Gypsy Summer
740 words An account of the Gypsie Summer Festival in Tarnow
Center for Studies of Gypsy Holocaust to Open in Auschwitz
175 words A 1996 announcement a center that will document and study the extermination of 22,000 European Gypsies during the World War II German occupation of Poland at Auschwitz, the notorious Nazi death camp.
Needy Guests, Reluctant Hosts: the Plight of Rumanians in Poland
4,050 words A 1995 artcle reflecting on the mass exodus Gypsies-- or Romas as they call themselves (from Sanskrit word for 'man') -- from Rumania, their plight and the immense problems their exodus was causing for the "front-line" states of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.
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