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Tadeusz Kosciuszko Gallery - Portraits
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Tadeusz Kosciuszko as portrayed on the 500 zloty banknote which was legal tender in Poland until January 1, 1998

Kosciuszko at West Point  1947, oil on canvas, 72x60 inches by Boleslaw J. Czedekowski. In the collection of Kosciuszko Foundation, New York City.

Kosciuszko in the uniform of a major general of the Polish Army. Painted probably in the 1789-1792 period as evidenced by the absence of the Virtuti Militari order. By Karol Schwekert. In the collection of Warsaw's National Museum.

T. Kosciuszko in a peasant's russet coat.   Paris 1929, steel engraving by Antoni Olszczynski based on a portrait made in 1794 by J. Grassy, now lost.   In the collection of Krakow's National Museum.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko  by Kazimierz Wojniakowski, post 1794.   In the collection of Poznan's National Museum

The convalescent Tadeusz Kosciuszko during his 1797 stay in London.   By Richard Cosway. 101x125 cm.

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