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Warsaw: Life and Death in the Ghetto which the Germans established there during WWII

May 8, 1943. Gradually the resistance is ground down. On this date, Mordecai Anielewicz and 80 other members of the Jewish Fighting Organization die, by their own hand, as the Nazis are about to penetrate their command bunker at number 18 Miła St. On May 12, Pawe» Frenkel, the surviving commander of the Jewish Military Association and six companions die after a day-long battle at 11 Grzybowska St during which they kill 4 Germans. Some fighters escape the ghetto via the sewers,though the Nazis flood these, pour kerosene into them and lob in grenades. Still others remained in the ruins to fight on and on. The Nazis undertake a systematic destruction of whatever is left. Isolated reports of Nazis being attacked in area of the ghetto persist through July, even September.


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