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The 1994 Warsaw Uprising - An assertion of sovereignty and hope.


The recollections of three residents of Western New York who participated in the Uprising

as told to
Peter and Teresa Gessner


I was 16 at the time

"You will be lame,
but you won't die."

I checked and
rechecked my aim
On August 1, 1944, the Armia Krajowa - the Polish Underground - liberated large portions of Warsaw from the German occupiers. Thus started the Warsaw Uprising. By then the Soviets had reached Warsaw's eastern suburbs and, as allies, should have joined with the Poles to speed Germany's defeat. Instead the Red Army halted its attack and, for 63 days, watched as the Poles fought against overwhelming German might.
     A major battle of the Second World War, fiercer than Stalingrad - it involved a loss of life of over 200,000 - the Uprising is considered by historians to have changed the course and outcome of the war, allowing the Allies to meet the Soviets on the Elbe River rather than the Rhine
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