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Polish Studies at Texas A&M University

The University's webpages currently list no courses in the area of Polish Studies, or ones bearing on Poland-related matter. However, as detailed below, a some of faculty members do have Poland-related interests.


    Lazarov, Raytcho Professor, Department of Mathematics, Texas A & M University @
    M.Sci., Wroclaw University, 1966
    Phone: (979) 845-7578 / Fax: (979) 862-4190 / E-Mail:
    MAJOR INTERESTS: Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing and Computer Simulation, Finite Element, Finite Volume, and Finite Difference Methods for PDEs, Error Control and Adaptive Grid Refinement.

    Leyk, Zbigniew Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, Texas A & M University @
    Ph.D., University of Warsaw, 1987
    Phone: (979) 845 4456 / Fax: . . . / E-Mail:

    Michalski, Krzysztof Arkadiusz Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M University @
    M.S., Wroclaw University of Technology, 1974
    Phone: (979) 845-5203 / Fax: (979) 845-6259 / E-Mail:
    MAJOR INTERESTS: Electromagnetic field theory, Computational Electromagnetics, Green's function-integral equation methods, Microstrip antennas and circuits, Fields in layered media, Application of Genetic Algorithms in Electromagnetics, Array antenna design, Microwave Inverse Problems, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electromagnetics of VLSI circuit interconnects, Electromagnetics of EUVL lithography.

    Quantrill, Malcolm Distinguished Professor, Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University @@
    Ph.D., Wroclaw Technical University, 1975
    Phone: (979) 845-7878 / Fax: (979) 862-1571 / E-Mail:
    MAJOR INTERESTS: Architectural history and theory, architectural and urban design, and design diagnostics.

    Styblinski, Bogumila Senior Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M University @@
    Ph.D., Wroclaw University of Technology, 1977
    Phone: (979) 845-7450 / Fax: (979) 845-6259 / E-Mail:

    Swietlik, Dariusz Assistant Director, Department of Kingsville Citrus Center, Texas A & M University @
    Ph.D., The Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture, 1980
    Phone: (210) 968-2132 / Fax: (210) 969-0649 / E-Mail:
    MAJOR INTERESTS: Studies on the influence of various foliar sprays on stomatal physiology, transpiration, photosynthesis, and water use efficiency in apple trees, the use of growth regulators to alleviate mineral nutrient and water stresses in apple trees, investigations on physiological mechanisms responsible for reduction in apple photosynthetic potential under water stress, and foliar and root absorption and distribution of 15N in cherry and apple trees.

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