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00-927 Warszawa
tel. (48 22) 826-61-22

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Study Abroad at the University of Warsaw

The University
Warsaw International Summer Education
Polonicum: Institute of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners
Institute for Social Studies
Related Units
Institute of English Studies
American Studies Center
British Studies Center
English Teacher Training College

The University

Warsaw is a modern city of 1.8 million inhabitants which boasts the highest proportion of green space to buildings of any of the European capitals. The University, now the largest one in Poland and among the best in Central and Eastern Europe. Its main campus is located on Krakowskie Przedmiescie, one of Warsaw's most notable historic thoroughfares where almost every building boasts an illustrious history, it is composed of 18 faculties with nearly 3,500 instructors and 30,000 students. It is situated near Stare Miasto, the oldest and most beautiful part of the Warsaw, and contains many classic buildings, several of them are architectural gems. However, behind this unusual air of tradition is a university with very modern facilities and a large up-to-date library.

Warsaw University was founded in 1816, although two of its faculties existed earlier as separate schools. In 1831 (after the November Uprising of 1830-1831) it was closed by the Russian authorities for over 20 years. It conducted limited activities as a Polish institution of higher education in the years 1857-1869. Later (as one of the reprisals after the Polish uprising of 1863-1864) it was replaced by Russian Imperial Warsaw University. The University - reopened in 1915, as a Polish University. The Nazi authorities closed the University in 1939, but the scholars continued their research and teaching illegally, for which, if discovered, they risked being sentenced to death. Many of them, as well as students, were killed during the war. The University resumed its activities in 1945.

Warsaw International Summer Education

Known by its acronim, WISE, the annual Warsaw International Summer Education Session had its inception in 1998. The Summer Session offers courses in the a wide array of fields ranging from philosophy to the natural sciences. Concived primarily with a foreign student audience as its target audience, WISE is also open to Polish students, businessmen, and all those willing to broaden their knowledge about the history and culture of the region.


The Faculty of Polish Philology's Institute of Polish Language and Culture, know as the Polonicum, organizes both summer and year-long courses in Polish language and culture. These courses are designed for students speaking Polish at an elementary level. For further information conctact the Institute.

ADDRESS: Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28
00-927 Warszawa
tel. (48 22) 826 54 16 / fax: (48-22) 826 54 16
DIRECTOR: Dr. Barbara Janowska-Wierzchon

Institute for Social Studies

The Institute for Social Studies, or ISS (in Polish: Instytut Studiów Spolecznych) was established in January, 1991, as an independent research unit of the University of Warsaw affiliated with the internationally known Institute for Social Research of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. ISS is an interdisciplinary research oriented institution grouping sociologists, psychologists, economists and political scientists. @

Each summer ISS and the Kosciuszko Foundation offer a seven-week summer program in the social sciences in the context of the Warsaw International Summer Education Session. The courses, each of which entails 30 hours of class time and lasts a week, are given sequentially

The main objectives of the Institute are:
to monitor social, political and economic processes of societies in transition from a totalitarian system to democratic and market economy,
to promote interdisciplinary approach in studying these processes,
to promote internationalization of East European social and behavioral science,
to establish and maintain standards for data collection and processing,
to provide high quality training for graduate students, young scientists, and policy makers

Related Units

The following units are not known to offer study abroad opportunities, yet may be valuable conctacts for English speaking students and scholars.

Institute of English Studies

Institute of English Studies (Instytut Anglistyki)

ADDRESS: Nowy Swiat 4
00-497 Warszawa
tel. (48 22) 625 68 49 / fax: (48-22) 826 54 16 /
DIRECTOR: Prof Dr. Emma Harris

American Studies Center

American Studies Center (Osrodek Studiow Amerykanskich)

ADDRESS: ul. Ksawerów 13
00-02-656 Warszawa
tel. (48 22) 845 10 21 /
DIRECTOR: Prof. Dr. Krzysztof Michalek

British Studies Centre

British Studies Centre(Osrodek Sudiow Brytyjskich)

ADDRESS: Nowy Swiat 4
00-497 Warszawa
tel. (48 22) 629-21-79 /
DIRECTOR: Prof. Dr. Emma Harris

English Teacher -Training College

English Teacher -Training College (Nauczycielskie Kolegium Jezyka Angielskiego)

ADDRESS: Nowy Swiat 4
00-497 Warszawa
tel. (48 22) 629 21 79 /
DIRECTOR: Prof. Dr Anna Murkowska

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