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Buffalo State College
Buffalo, NY 14222
tel. (716) 878-4000

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Polish Studies at Buffalo State College

The Institution

With about 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students, Buffalo State College is the largest of the 13 university colleges in the State University of New York system and the only one located in a city, New York state's second largest, with an area population of about one million. The campus is adjacent to 365-acre Delaware Park, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society Museum. Because of it location, it has the convenience of a comprehensive college with a friendly accessible environment. @@

Academically, students can choose any of nearly 70 areas in which to major and also have the choice of 40 minors. One of the latter is a minor in Polish, Russian and Eastern European Studies which is offered by the Department of History and Social Studies Education.@

Poland-Related Courses

History 206. A History of Poland. @
COURSE DESCRIPTION: An examination of major Polish historical and cultural achievements through the ages; the growth and development of the nation and state; scientific, cultural and religious forces in Polish life.


Golombek, Jr., Joseph, Lecturer, History Department @
M.A. Marquette University, 1996
M.S. State University College at Buffalo, 1994
Phone: 716 851-5116 / Fax: 716 851-5648 / E-mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: History of Poland (Interwar Period), Reformation, French in North America, Polish Literature in translation especially Tadeusz Konwicki and the prose of Czeslaw Milosz
  • Vice Persident - Polish American Congress, WNY Division
  • Polish Cadets - Board of Directors
  • History of Poland
Littman, Michael J - Chair and Associate Professor of Business @
Ph.D. Ohio State University, 1986
Phone: 716 878-3158 / Fax: . . . / E-mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Marketing, international business, and business/marketing education..
POLAND RELATED ACTIVITIES Was a guest professor in Poland
Slawinska, Wanda M., Curator of the Fronczak Collection @

MSLS, Syracuse University, 1973
Phone: 716 878-6208 / Fax: 716 . . . / E-mail:
POLAND RELATED ACTIVITIES: Curator of the Fronczak Collection
  • Dr. Francis E. Fronczak: Enlightened Leader and Compassionate Humanitarian November 19, 2001, Butler Library, Buffalo State College
  • Autobiography in the Writing of Maria Kuncewicz, Lecture in Polish, 1990.
Witakowski, Thomas E., Associate Professor of Performing Arts @
D.M., Indiana University
Phone: 716 878-6415 / Fax: 716 / E-mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Performance of Polish choral music.
POLAND RELATED ACTIVITIES: Director, Buffalo State College Chorale; Musical Director, The Chopin Singing Society


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