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Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio, 44106
tel. : (216) 368-2000

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Polish Studies at Case Western Reserve

The Institution

Case Western Reserve University is one of the nation's leading independent research universities. Though no Polish Studies courses are to be found on its server, a number of its faculty have studied in Poland,


Grabowski, John Krieger-Mueller Associate Professor in Applied History, Case Western-Reserve University @
Ph.D. Case Western University, 1977
Telephone: (216) 368-2381 / Email:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Public and academic history, particularly the areas of immigration and ethnicity and local Cleveland urban history
  • Polish Americans and Their Communities in Cleveland, Cleveland: Cleveland State University, 1976.
  • "Michael P. Kniola: Polish Entrepreneur," Western Reserve Historical Society News, May 1977

META-FACULTY - Faculty who have studied and/or taught at Polish institutions of higher education

Guo, Zhongwu Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University
Ph.D., Polish Academy of Sciences, 1991
Telephone: (216) 368-3736 / Fax: (216) 368-3006 / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Theoretical description of nuclei under extreme conditions; namely, nuclei at high spin, isospin, energy and density
Saran, Michael Associate Professor, Material Sciences and Engineering, Case Western Reserve University
Ph.D. Polish Academy of Sciences, 1980
Telephone: 216-368-6485/Fax: 216-368-3209 / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Numerical modeling of materials processing, Numerical modeling of materials processing
Surewicz, Witold, K. Professor, Physiology and Biophysics, Case Western University @
Ph.D. University of Lodz, 1982
Phone: (216) 368-0139 / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Protein Structure and Folding; Prion Diseases; Molecular Chaperones
Szarek, Stanislaw Professor, Functional Analysis @
Ph.D Mathematical Institute, Polish Academy of Science,
Telephone: (216) 368-2913 / Fax: (216) 368-5163 / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Studies the field of Functional Analysis, however also takes interest in Mathematical Physics, Approximation Theory, and Computer Science.

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