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Polish Studies at Seattle University of the Pacific

The Institution
Poland-Related Courses

The Institution

Established in the Pacific Northwest more than a century ago by Free Methodist pioneers, SPU is a comprehensive Christian university of the liberal arts, sciences and professions which provides nearly 3,500 students with a high-quality, comprehensive education in 67 subject areas. Although the University does not currently offer any Poland-related courses, its School of Business and Economics provides its students an opportunity to study in Warsaw. Also one of the faculty members of the School is a graduate of Warsaw's Technical University.

School of Business and Economics

One of the special opportunities offered to students in the School of Business and Economics in Entrepreneurship is an international component in Warsaw. The objective of the local component and the international courses are to enhance students' understanding of and involvement in entrepreneurial activities through development of a business venture proposal and often applied as a Service-Learning project. Students will benefit from the global nature of the program taught by visiting Polish professors, interacting with international students and an opportunity to study abroad.


Poznanska, Joanna , Professor of International Business , Seattle Pacific University @
Ph.D., Technical University of Warsaw , 1976
Phone: (206) 281-2935 / Fax: . . . / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: International Business, Global Political Economics, Pacific Rim Enterprise



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