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Polish Studies at Princeton University

The Institution

An elite Ivy League school, Princeton's 500 acre campus and its academic community of 700 faculty, 1750 graduate and 4,600 undergraduate students are located in Princeton, a town of 30,000 or so residents half way between New York City and Philadelphia. The university's website evidences no Poland-related courses offerings although the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures offers courses on Slavic literature and the possibility of instruction in a number of Slavic languages, including Polish, as needed and as available for students with prior Russian.

Slavic Courses

SLA 103-104 Slavic Languages Other Than Russian I and II @
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Elementary Czech, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, or Bulgarian as needed and as available. Courses are designed to enable students to master the basic grammar and to read original texts in the language with a dictionary within one year. For students with prior Russian, some limited comparisons may be made.
COM 404 Literature Across Languages: The East European Novel of the 20thCentury @
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Caught between Russia and the West, traded off among European empires, the peoples of East Europe--independent again in the postcommunist era--have tough, sophisticated stories to tell about staying alive. After a geopolitical introduction to the region, we will read modern proseworks from the Polish, Czech, and South Slavic traditions, including novels cast as national epic during times of total war (Andrzejewski, Kosinski, Andric), as fantasy or science fiction (Capek, Stanislaw Lem), as folk-oral lament (Gombrowicz), and as the tragicomedy of everyday life (Kundera, Ugresic).
SLAV 505, 506 Common and Comparative Slavic I, II @
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Common and Comparative Slavic I, II First semester: Common Slavic and the genesis of modern Slavic languages and Old Church Slavonic. Second semester: Old Church Slavonic and comparative analysis of Slavic languages.
SLAV 532 Topics in Slavic Literatures Other than Russian @
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Topics might include: The twentieth-century Czech novel; Polish memoiristic writing; South Slavic folklore.


Babby, Leonard H., Professor of Slavic Linguistics, Princeton University @
Ph.D., Harvard
Phone: 609-258-2433 / Fax: 609-258-2204 / E-Mail: babbylh@Princeton.EDU
MAJOR INTERESTS: Structure of Russian, History of Russian, Old Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Syntactic theory, Language universals, Turkish linguistics.
Bogucki, Peter I., Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Princeton @@ @
Ph.D., Harvard University 1981
Phone: (609) 258-4554 / Fax: (609) 258-3996 / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Early farming cultures of Europe and the spread of agricultural communities into temperate woodland environments
POLAND RELATED SCHOLARSHIP: excavations at Brześć Kujawski and Osłonki, Poland;
  • Early Neolithic Subsistence and Settlement in the Polish Lowlands, Oxford: BAR International Series 150, 1982
  • Forest Farmers and Stockherders. Early Agriculture and its Consequences in North-Central Europe (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1988)
  • The Origins of Human Society (Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 1999)
  • "Neolithic manufacture of antler axes at Brzesc Kujawski, Poland," Archaeomaterials 4(1): 67-76. 1990 (with Ryszard Grygiel)
  • "The Neolithic and Early Bronze Age chronology of Poland," in Chronologies in Old World Archaeology, third edition, Robert W. Ehrich (ed.), pp. 362-374. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1992
  • "Neolithic sites in the Polish lowlands: research at Brzesc Kujawski, Poland, 1933-1984," in Case Studies in European Prehistory, edited by Peter Bogucki, pp. 147-180. Boca Raton: CRC Press. 1993 (with Ryszard Grygiel)
  • "Sustainable and unsustainable adaptations by early farming communities of northern Poland," Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 1996
  • "Early farmers in north-central Europe: 1989-1994 excavations at Oslonki, Poland," Journal of Field Archaeology, 1997 (with Ryszard Grygiel)
  • "Holocene climatic variability and early agriculture in temperate Europe: the case of northern Poland," in Harvesting the Sea, Farming the Forest: the Emergence of Neolithic Societies in the Baltic Region and Adjacent Areas edited by Marek Zvelebil, Robin Dennell, and Lucyna Domanska, pp. 77-85. Sheffield Academic Press. 1998
  • "How agriculture came to north-central Europe," in Europe's First Farmers, edited by T. Douglas Price, pp.197-218. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000
  • "Polish archaeology as world archaeology," Archaeologia Polona, 2002

META-FACULTY - Faculty who have studied and/or taught at Polish institutions of higher education

Paczynski, Bodhan, Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics. Princeton University @@
Ph.D., Warsaw University, 1964
Phone: (609) 258-3807 / Fax: (609) 258-1020 / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Gravitational lensing and microlensing, variable stars, gamma-ray bursts, galactic structure

Poland Related Resources

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