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Study Abroad at the Warsaw School of Economics

Academic Organization
Degree Studies
Council Study Center
Community of European Management Schools
Center for the Study of Foreign Languages
International Co-operation Office


Founded in 1906, the Warsaw School of Economics is the leading business school in Poland. Its student enrollment is over 13,000 and the faculty numbers 800 instructors, giving a student/faculty ratio of 16. Its library houses 900,000 volumes and is the largest library in the field of economics in Poland. The School offers full-time and part-time undergraduate instruction, as well as doctoral and graduate studies. It graduates over a 1000 students annually. Physically the School's 10 buildings are located in a central area of Warsaw

The School was granted the right to award higher degrees (Masters and Ph.D.'s) in 1926 and acquired its current name in 1933. It continued its operations during the WWII German occupation as a clandestine underground organization. In 1949, the communist regime changed its name to the Central School of Planing and Statistics. In 1991, following the demise of the regime, the School reverted to its earlier name.

The basic language of instruction at the School for first degree students is Polish. This limits study abroad opportunities for students who are not fluent Polish speakers to the offerings of the Council Study Center and such business courses as may be available at the Warsaw School of Economics through the Community of European Management Schools.

Academic Organization

The School is organized into five Collegia/Faculties: @
Collegium of Economic Analyses
Collegium of Socio-Economics
Faculty of World Economy
Collegium of Business Administration
Collegium of Management and Finance

Degree Studies

Students studying for a first degree at the Warsaw School of Economics can choose any one of the following areas of concentration: @
Finance and Banking
Quantitative Methods and Informational Systems
Management and Marketing
Public Administration
International Economic and Political Relations

Council Study Center

Established in 1989, the Council Study Center at the Warsaw School of Economics provides a broad-based academic program combined with an in-country cultural experience. Students gain a greater understanding of Eastern and Central Europe with specific emphasis on the Polish perspective and experience. The program offers students a series of specially designed courses in such fields as Eastern and Central European politics, literature, film, history, and economics. Although there is no language prerequisite for participation in the program, all students are required to take conversational Polish. All area studies courses are taught in English.

Community of European Management Schools

Business courses in English are also available at the Warsaw School of Economics through the Community of European Management School (CEMS) for students at the advanced level of business studies. These courses are taught primarily at the graduate level but are open to advanced undergraduates. Courses available through CEMS may include: International Logistics, European Strategies and International Business, European Union Economic Policies, International Corporate Finance, Organizational Behavior and Organizational Design, International Marketing, International Financial Management, Business Environment in Poland, and International Finance.

Center for the Study of Foreign Languages

The Center provides instruction in six foreign languages including English for the School's first degree students who are required to choose two of six. Each languages is studied for a minimum of six semesters. The instruction encompasses the vocabulary of economics and the market. It ensures that all graduates of the school are fluent in two foreign languages.

International Co-operation Office

The International Cooperation Office of the Warsaw School of Economics acts both as a unit assisting and coordinating the international activity of the university and as a central information point for people and institutions interested in establishing collaboration with SGH. The Office's webpages list upcoming conferences and courses, as well as other information regarding studies scessible to international students during the schools Fall and Spring semesters.

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