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tel. (808) 956-8111

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Polish Studies at the University of Hawaii

The Institution

The University of Hawaii at Manoa on the island of Oahu is the Flagship campus of University of Hawaii which as a whole has ten independent university and community college campuses on Hawaii's six islands. Map


The University's webpages currently list no ongoing courses in the area of Polish Studies, however the University of Hawaii at Manoa has a General Graduation requirement of competance in a second language, usually by taking a four semester sequence in a single language and the Department of European Languages and Literature offers courses in Polish when enrollment warrants.@ @

A couple of faculty members at the university have degrees from Polish institutions of higher education as detailed below.


Donachie, Stuart Peter , Scientist, Department of Microbiology @
Ph.D., Institute of Ecology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, 1995
Phone: (808) 956-6945 / Fax: (808) 956-5339 / Email:
MAJOR INTEREST: 1) Microbial diversity 2) Extremophiles 3) Discovery of novel microorganisms 4) Bacterial systematics
Hać, Anna , Professor of Electrical Engineering @ @
Ph.D., Warsaw University of Technology, 1982
Phone: (808) 956-6642 / Fax: (808)956-3427 / Email:
MAJOR INTEREST: Telecommunications and wireless networks, network management

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