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Study Abroad at The University of Lodz

The University
Study Abroad
Courses taught in English
School of Polish for Foreign Students
International Relations Office

The University

The University of Lodz, founded on May 24, 1945, is the largest institution of higher education in Lodz. In 1958 the School of Polish for Foreign Students was created at the university. The University of Lodz is state-financed, but largely autonomous institution of higher learning and research. It offers five-year study courses leading to the Master of Arts or Master of Science degrees. It also offers three-year Licenciate study courses as well as advanced postgraduate and doctoral studies. At present the University consists of the folllowing faculties:

Faculty of Philology
Faculty of Philosophy and History
Faculty of Educational Sciences
Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences
Faculty of Law and Administration
Faculty of Management
Faculty Economics and Sociology

Study Abroad

Study abroad opportunities exist for students who wish to earn credits for their field of study while at the University of Lodz. Unless you are going to do an exchange through SOCRATES/ERASMUS it is advised that you first speak with your home University regarding the transferability of the credits. Each faculty at the University of Lodz conducts courses offered in English. Foreign exchange students will participate in a 2 week intensive language course at the beginning of their stay. There is a one semester language course offered if a minimum of 8 student participate.

School of Polish for Foreign Students

The school is the oldest of it's kind in Poland which specializes in teaching Polish to foreign students. Their courses are for those who wish to enter institutions of higher learning in Poland, as well as for those who want to study and work for a higher degree in their chosen discipline or for those who want to learn Polish for personal or professional reasons. Although the emphasis is on language, there are some culturual lectures available. They offer a choice programs - from highly intensive preparation courses for those who want to study in Poland or brush up their Polish, to less intensive, for those who want to do business or only "survive" in Polish society.

  • Nine-month preparatory program (ca 800-900 hours) for those who plan to pursue university studies in Poland (an applicant may choose one specialization - humanities, medical sciences, technical sciences, economy or agriculture for specialized course of Polish).
  • Nine-month preparatory program (ca 800-900 hours) for those who plan to pursue postgraduate and doctor studies in Poland (the permission of the Polish Ministry of Education is required)
  • 4 week summer language program: 140 hours, super-intensive and begins in August
  • Five-month language program: ca 560 hours and begins in March (and October)

International Relations Office

Fax: (48 42) 678 63 79; (48 42) 635 42 39
PL-90-131 Lodz, Narutowicza 65

International students - housing, advising, SOCRATES/ERASMUS Program
Beata Kaminska
tel. (48 42) 635 40 37
Monika Duda
tel. (48 42) 635 40 36


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