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tel. 48 (81) 537-51-00

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Study Abroad at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University

The University
Polish Language and Culture Center
English Studies Institute
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Office for International Relations

The University

Founded in 1944 and located in the heart of a cosmopolitan city of 380,000, Marie Curie-Sklodowska is a modern, primarily residential university with a student body of some 23,000. The University has 10 faculties:
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Law and Administration
Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences
Faculty of Chemistry
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology
Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Political Science
Faculty of Art

Polish Language and Culture Center

The Center offers opportunities for students from abroad to learn Polish and to enlarge their knowledge of Polish culture. An effort is made to tailor these offerings to meet the desires and expectation of the participant groups and organizations. Students desirous of obtaining more specific details need to
contact the Center directly. @
  • a Polish culture course (no language instruction);
  • Polish language and culture summer courses (i.e. a summer school);
  • a one-year Polish language course;
  • intensive Polish language courses;
  • a language training program for students of Polish and Slavonic studies;
  • a three-stage training program for Polish folklore groups organizers;
  • a one-year program of study of the Polish language and the teaching thereof;
  • a three-stage training program on the didactic methods for Polish language instruction, carried out in three consecutive years;
By way of illustration: the Center hosts a Spring Semester Lock Haven University Study Abroad Program. The 15 semester hours Program consists of a 6 credit hour Introductory Polish Language course and three 3 credit hour courses conducted in English, these being Polish Culture, Polish History, and Transformation to Democracy in Poland, respectively.

English Studies Institute

The Institute, a component of Humanities Faculty, has Departments (Zaklady) of English Language, English Literature, and American Literature and Culture. A Section of the English Literature Department specializes in Joseph Conrad studies. The Institute has an active student exchange program with Bluffton College in Ohio.

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

One mathematics course is offered each year in English, primarily for Polish students who wish to become acquainted with English mathematical terminology. During the 1999-2000 academic year the course offered was one by Prof. K. Gobala on "Selected topics from mathematical analysis."

Office for International Relations

The University's Office for International Relations can be reached by phone (48 81 537 5410 or 48 81 537 5218) or fax (48 81) 537 5102).


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