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Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Science
61-701 Poznan
tel. +48 (61) 852-03-42

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Study Abroad at the University of Medical Science

The University
Four and Six year M.D. program in English
Five year D.D.S. program in English
Seven year combined Pre-Med/M.D. program
Graduate Program in Physical Therapy
Office of International Relations

The University

The University is located in Poznan, a city inhabited by 580,000 people. It is a large industrial center and second largest center of banking and business. The City itself presents a pleasant environment beautified with an abundance of greenery and parks. It has a pictureseque, medieval downtown, a 19th - 20th century central business section and modern residential areas around the city. Poznan is the third largest academic center in Poland (after Warsaw and Krakow). It has fifteen institutions of higher learning and fifty-six research and development institutes. The Karol Marcinkowski University is a modern school of medicine. It has a modern library with full computer facilities, modern lecture halls, computer rooms and scientific laboratories. Theoretical, practical and clinical activities take place in five modern University Clinical Hospitals. In recent years the University has conducted research and developed collaborative projects with many leading universities in Europe and the U.S.A.

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Health Sciences

Four and Six year M.D. Program in English

In 1992 Medical Faculty II, including the Division of Medical Education in English was formed becoming the first institution in Poland to teach medicine to overseas students. Two programs were prepared: 4-year program based on the American curriculum is designed for English speaking college graduates who have completed their pre-medical education who plan to take the United States Medical Licensing Examinations and a 6-year program for English-speaking students, but based on the Polish 6-year M.D. curriculum. All courses required for the program are taught in English. In addition to required courses, students must also take 16 weeks of electives in Poland or the US in one or more of the following: Cardiology, Traumatic Surgery, Laryngology, Opthamology, Endicrinology and Dermatology.

For American and Canadian students wishing to attend the 4-year M.D. program contact their US office:
Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences 108 Village Square Suite 402 Somers, NY 10589-2305 Tel. (914) 277-2300 Fax. (914) 277-7305 e-mail:
Professor Stan Wiktor, Director of Admissions
Irene Winkler, Student Assistance Officer

For other overseas students wishing to attend the 6-year M.D. course in English:
Overseas Student Affairs Office 79 Dabrowskiego Street 60-529 Poznan Phone/Fax.: +4861 847-74-89 e-mail:

Five Year D.D.S. Program in English

The five year D.D.S. program, introduced in September 2000, is designed for high school or college graduates. The ministry of health and social welfare in the Poland , which is the supervising authority of the University, has approved this program, stating that graduates shall obtain a Academic Dentistry Diploma which will entitle them to apply for two years of clinical training at an American or Canadian dental school. To qualify for US or Canada residency, the graduates of the University must take an additional two years of clinical work at many schools which offer the program for graduates from foriegn dental schools.Therefore, the program for students with a high school diploma will take 7 years to complete and obtain full accredidation.

Seven year combined Pre-Med/M.D. program in English

The accelerated, combined Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in biology/Medical Doctor (M.D.) degree program provides qualified students the opportunity to complete a baccalaureate degree and a Medical Doctor degree in seven years, one year less that the normal span of eight years. The bachelor's degree is awarded by Fairleigh Dickinson University in the US and the doctoral degree (Dyplom Lekarza) by Karol Macinkowski University of Medical Sciences (KMU), in Poznan, Poland. KMU's program is designed for American and Canadian students, and English is the teaching language. Students are admitted to Fairleigh Dickinson University as incoming freshmen or qualified transfer students. They may apply for the Bachelor of Science degree upon successful completion of six semesters at FDU and the first year of study at KMU. A maximum of 32 credits from KMU may be transferred toward completion of the B.S. degree at FDU. The Bachelor of Sciences in biology is offered by the School of Natural Sciences in the University College: Arts - Sciences - Processional Studies at the Teaneck-Hackensack Campus and the department of biological and allied health sciences at Mexwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences at FlSTOPorham -Madison.

Graduate Program in Physical Therapy in English

This is a two year degree program that leads to a Masters of Science in Physical Theraphy. It is full-time consisting of sixty credits and two summer school practices. Candidates of the program are asked to choose two paths of curriculum: Complete two-year program of general education including clinical practice, and pass the final examination or Complete two-year program, clinical practice, and write and defend Master Degree dissertation. @

Office of International Relations

10 Fredry Str.
61-701 Poznan, Poland
phone/fax.: (+48 61) 852 87 69
phone: (+48 61) 852 11 61 ext. 250, 292
Head: Adam Adamek, MPH, Dip. Jrnl.
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