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Polish Studies at University of Southern California

The Institution

The University of Southern California is a private research university located in an urban area. Founded in 1880 it has a total enrollment of over 28,000 and an undergraduate population of over 15,000.

Polish Studies Courses

History 328 Poland and the Western Tradition @
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Polish civilization from the 10th century to the present, with special emphasis upon the participation of Poland in the currents of the European tradition
HIST 419 Poland and Its Neighbors in the Middle Ages @
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Polish politics, society, and culture in relation to its regional neighbors, especially Bohemia and Hungary, from the 10th to the end of the 15th century.
School of Music 688 Polish Identity in Music @
COURSE DESCRIPTION: An overview of distinct approaches to expressing national identity in music, with studies of the anthems and their usage, folklore and its quotation, national dance forms; examples from the Chopin, Szymanowski, Górecki, Bacewicz, Tansman, Szymanski.

Language Instruction

No Polish language instruction is being offered currently. In the past, however, the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures has offered a two semester Elementary Polish sequence as well as a two semester continuation entitled: Readings in Polish Literature.


Knoll, Paul, W. , Professor, History, University of Southern California @
Ph.D. University of Colorado, 1964
Phone: (213)-740-1658 / Fax: . . . / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Late Medieval East Central Europe; Renaissance; Universities, their political and intellectual history, especially that of University of Kraków.
  • Chronicles and Deeds of the Dukes or Princes of the Poles, by Gallus Anonymus. Trans. with Janos M. Bak and Frank Schaer, Central European University Press, June 2002
  • The Rise of the Polish Monarchy: Piast Poland in East Central Europe 1320-1370, Chicago Univ. of Chicago Press, 1972.
  • "Jadwiga and Education," in The Polish Review (1999)

META-FACULTY - Faculty who have studied and/or taught at Polish institutions of higher education

Askanas, Valerie , Professor of Neurology, University of Southern California @
M.D., Warsaw Medical School, 1960.
Ph.D., Warsaw Medical School, 1967
Phone: (213) 743-1612 / Fax: (213) 743-1617 / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Neuromuscular diseases
Kulig, Kornelia , Associate Professor of Clinical Physical Therapy, University of Southern California @
Ph.D., Academy of Physical Education, Wroclaw, 1982
Phone: (323) 442-2911 / Fax: . . . / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Biomechanical basis for normal and pathological movement
Pilch, Krzysztof , Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Southern California @
Ph.D., University of Wroclaw, 1983
Phone: (213) 740-1145/1124 / Fax: (213) 740-6653 / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Theoretical High Energy Physics, String theory, AdS/CFT correspondence, supergravity, representation theory
Smogorzewski, Miroslaw J. , Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Southern California @
M.D., Univ. of Warsaw, 1973
Ph.D., Univ. of Warsaw, 1982
Phone: (323)226-7307 / Fax: (323)226-5390 / E-Mail:
MAJOR INTERESTS: Nephrology, heart hypetrophogy in chronic renal failure, signal transduction and cystosolic calcium in urimia

Poland-related Resources

Polish Music Center: The Center is the only music library and research center in North America devoted to Polish music. The collection includes manuscripts, scores, books, dissertations, journals and recordings. The Center publishes a series of books on Polish music history and organizes an annual competition for music historians - the Wilk Prizes for Research in Polish Music It also maintains a comprehensive Web site with two online publications (a monthly Newsletter and the semi-annual Polish Music Journal) as well as information about events, competitions, festivals and composers. @

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