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Study Abroad at the University of Silesia

The University
School of Polish Language and Culture
Summer School of Polish Language, Literature and Culture
Semestral Program of Polish Language Instruction
Polish Language for Foreign Students Planning to Study in Poland
Postgraduate Course for Teachers of Polish as a Foreign Language and Culture
Polish Language Course Workshops
Office for International Relations

The University

The University is located in the center of a heavily industrialized region. Established in Katowice in 1968, it now has four campuses
(maps). Three of them are located in the Katowice urban area, the main one in Katowice itself, the other two in Sosnowiec and Chorzˇw, respectively. The fourth campus is in Cieszyn - - a charming, historic city situated at the foot of the Beskidy Mountains, near the border with the Czech Republic. The University, which serves 37,760 students, has nine faculties and a number of inter-faculty schools:
Faculty Biology and Environmental Protection
Faculty of Earth Sciences
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Law and Administration
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and Chemistry
Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology
Faculty of Philology
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Radio and Television
Silesian International Business School
International School of Political Sciences
Business Language College
School of Management
Centre of Studies for Human and Natural Environment
School of Polish Language, Literature and Culture
Additional information, in English, regarding the structure and instructional activities of the University is available from the University of Silesia pages of the Ministry of National Education and from the University's own pages.

School of Polish Language and Culture

The School offers a variety of opportunities, some at its Katowice campus, some at the Cieszyn campus, for students wishing to learn Polish and/or to enlarge their knowledge of Polish culture. In the description of the offerings "contact hours" correspond to 45 min class periods. Several of the offerings are detailed in the paragraphs below. Other courses offered by the School - primarily in Polish - are as listed:
  • Language training program for students of Polish and Slavonic studies.
  • A one year preparatory Polish language course for students intending to study at Polish institutions of higher education
  • A three-stage training program for Polish folklore groups organizers;
  • A one-year program of study of the Polish language and the teaching thereof;
  • Two week summer seminar on methods of Polish language instruction
  • Didactic Methods for Polish Language Instruction: a training program carried out in three stages over a period of three consecutive years;
For further information about the offerings above, check the
School's website or contact it directly.

Summer School of Polish Language, Literature and Culture

The annual summer school takes place on Cieszyn campus and runs from August 1 through August 28. The academic program of the Summer School consists of
  • Daily Intensive Polish language instruction (5 periods/day for a total of 80 contact hours) plus 20 contact hours of language laboratory, conversation, or special interest electives (The courses are offered at seven levels of proficiency.)
  • A Polish Studies course: the student has to choose either a 16 contact hour general knowledge course entitled "Poland: Language and Culture" (it is offered in both English or Polish) or one or both of two academically more demanding courses - both taught in Polish - that deal with Polish language, culture, art, history and current affairs. Each of the latter courses also involves 16 contact hours.
In addition to the academic program, the School mounts a cultural program of tours, excursion, film showings, theatrical and musical performances, etc.

Semestral Program of Polish Language Instruction

A semester-long program is offered twice a year (starting in October and February respectively) on the Katowice campus at three levels of entering proficiency (for beginning, intermediate and advanced students) and two levels of intensity, that is entailing either 4 or 24 hrs a week of language instruction per week (for a total of 60 and 360 hours per semester, respectively.

Polish Language for Foreign Students Planning to Study in Poland

A two semester course for individuals with no or knowledge of Polish insufficient to permit participation in university courses given in Polish. Language classes are accompanied by ones concentrating on the vocabulary and idiomatic speech used in student's field of interest. These courses are offered on the Katowice campus at three levels: for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. In each course, 2 hours a day are devoted to instruction and one hour a day to additional work (conversation, During the second semester, students can by way of practice, sit in on lectures in the department or their choice.

Postgraduate Course in Teaching Polish Culture and Polish Language to Foreigners

The course, a tutorium, is designed for graduates of Polish university programs in both Polish and foreign languages and for graduates of Polish and Slavic Philologies university programs elsewhere. Sudents must have an MA thesis or a Bachelor Degree in the philological studies and have a completed course in methodology or can supply documentary evidence of at least 60 academic hours of Polish or foreign language teaching. Foreign applicants need to document a level of education equivalent to that above, or a bachelor degree in philological studies or other humanistic subject in Poland, The two semester, 260 hour course (310 for graduates of humanistic subjects) starts in October. Classes take place on Fridays and Saturdays and encompas study of aspects of Polish language grammar, culture, contemporary development, teaching methodologies, phonetics and pronunciation rules, as well as discussion of Polish culture, literature and translation. For individuals living abroad there exixts the possibility of a University Extension programme.

Polish Language Workshops

Based in Cieszyn, the one and two week workshops take place in the latter part of August and includes a program of lectures, seminars and other classes, as well as many cultural events (the Viva il canto festival, films, meetings with Polish celebrities) and excursions (visiting Cieszyn, the region of Cieszyn Silesia and Upper Silesia). It is designed for instructors of Polish as a foreign language and scholars of Polish and Slavonic studies from abroad.

Polish Courses and Introduction to Poland for Socrates-Erasmus Students

Organized under the Socrates/Erasmus program by Foundation for Development of Educational system, the Course is designed for Socrates-Erasmus student who are to study in Poland. Participants learn basic Polish, which enables them to communicate in everyday life situations (or improve their Polish). They also learn about Polish system of education, students' life, Polish history and culture, its contemporary problems, its place in Europe and European integration. The course is organized in September in Katowice. It lasts 4 weeks.@

Office for Foreign Relations

The University's Office for International Relations can be reached by phone at 48 (32) 259 96 01 ext. 1400, 1868, 1367 or by fax at 48 (32) 259 81 93.

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