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tel. (48 91) 344 25 36

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The University of Szczecin is an urban institutions whose buildings are scattered through the center of Szczcin (), a port city of some 450,000 in a far northwest border area of Poland. The university, which was founded in 1985, caters to a large student body made up of 11,000 day, 3000 evening and 14,000 part-time students.

The Institution's Structure

The University is organized into five Faculties, namely:
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Faculty of Economics and Management
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Faculty of Law and Administration
Faculty of Management and Economics of Services

Department of English Studies

The University's Department of English Studies in the Faculty of Humanities has a staff of 17, two of whom are foreigners, and a student body of 170. It offers a three year course of study, the graduates of which are qualified to teach English in Poland's primary or secondary schools

The English Language Center

The University's English Language Center created in cooperation with the British Council, which offers English language instruction at all levels from beginner to advanced.

Study abroad opportunities

At this time, no courses are given in English, although some lectures in Computer Science and Political Science are given in that language. Also, the University does not offer any Polish language courses for foreign students, thus limiting study abroad opportunities to students who are fluent Polish speakers.

Office for International Relations

The University's Office for International Relations can be reached by phone (48-91-434-3188) or fax (48-91-434-2992).

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