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Nicholas Copernicus University
87-100 Torun
tel. +48 56 611 4010

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Study Abroad at Nicholas Copernicus University in Torun

The University
Center of Polish Language and Culture
Summer School of Polish Language and Culture
International Relations Office

The University

The Nicholas Copernicus University in Torun is the biggest university in northern Poland. The city of Torun which lies on the River Vistual, about 200 km north-west of Warsaw is one of the oldest and in the past, one of the richest cities in Poland. The University has a population of about 29,500. The University owns over 50 buildings, including 11 student dormitories with places for 3,300 students. Only about 40% of the university buildings are situated on the university campus in Bielany; the remaining buildings are located in the central part of town and also outside Torun. @

Faculty of Biology & Earth
Faculty of Chemistry
Faculty of Economic Sciences
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of History
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Philologies
Faculty of Law and Administration
Faculty of Mathematics and and Computer Sciences
Faculty of Physics, Astronomy
Faculty of Theology

Courses taught in English

Poland in East Central Europe. Past and Present
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The subjects cover several issues concerning Poland, including its geography, history (from the beginning of the State to the present days), especially the contemporary history of Poland (after the collapse of the communist regime in 1989), social and political life, economy, culture and institutions. A significant block of classes will be devoted to contemporary Central and Eastern Europe. Lectures concerning Poland will also highlight a broader context and a comparison with other post-communist countries.
COURSE INSTRUCTOR: The lecturers will be 14 outstanding senior academic teachers of the university.@

Course of Study in Comparative Law

The year-long course of study taught in English provides participants six courses, each 15-20 lectures in length, from which they need to choose at least two
  1. Origin of European Integration - Prof. Dr. Janusz Justyński
  2. Mediterranean Origin of Polish Legal Culture - Prof. Dr. Janusz Justyński
  3. European Human Rights Law - Prof. Dr. Bożena Gronowska
  4. Comparative Consumer Law - Dr. Ewa Bagińska
  5. Philosophical Foundations of Comparative Study of Law - Prof. Dr. Wiesław Lang
  6. Guest lectures given by visiting professors on various topics
Additionally, the course of study provides participants five seminars (or tutorials), each 10-15hrs in length, from which they need to choose at least two
  1. Polish Economic Criminal Law - Dr. Janusz Bojarski
  2. Comparative Evidence Law - L.L.M. Arkadiusz Lach
  3. History of the European Obligation Law in Comparative Context - L.L.M. Marek Sobczyk
  4. Consumer Protection in the European Union - Dr. Justyna Maliszewska-Nienartowicz
  5. Guest seminars given by visiting professors @

Center of Polish language and culture

The Center has been in operation since 1994. Its task is to organize and conduct courses in Polish language and culture for foreign students visiting Poland and for those who intend to undertake studies in Poland. During the summertime, the Center runs a Summer School of Polish Language and Culture. For more detailed information, please contact their office: @

Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners
Uniwersytet Mikolaja Kopernika
ul. Fosa Staromiejska 3
87-100 Torun, POLAND
tel. (+48 56) 611 3577; fax (+48 56) 622 6659

Summer School of Polish Language and Culture

During the regular academic year the Center provides courses for those interested in learning or expanding their knowledge of the Polish language, culture, and history. During summer, from July to September, they organize intensive courses in Polish language for foreign students. Their instructors make classes as productive and enjoyable as possible. They adjust the coursework to the level and needs of students, and put stress on practical language through the use of audio-visual aids. Outside of classes the Center also arranges social events and excursions. The following are summer 2004 programs which run from two to three weeks. They begin on July 4th and Septemer 5th: @

Intensive Polish - For those who want to learn Polish for communication (basic grammar, vocabulary, understanding and writing simple texts, basic information on Polish history and culture):
Accelerated Polish - For those who wish to learn Polish at a more rapid pace (basic grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing simple texts, basic information on Polish history and culture). Additionally, one hour of conversation is offered every day.

Advanced Polish - For those who already have a basic command of Polish, but wish to improve their language skills and grammar. The course is especially recommended for teachers of Polish in countries outside Poland. It can be attended jointly with Polish Literature, Culture and Society.
Polish Literature - This program includes the most important issues of modern Polish literature (authors, trends, texts). This course can be attended jointly with Advanced Polish or Polish Culture and Society.
Polish Culture and Society - This program deals with crucial issues of Polish art and history, traditional culture, politics and economy. It can be attended jointly with Advanced Polish or Polish Literature.

International Relations Office

Rektorat UMK, Gagarina 11, 87-100 Torun, POLAND phone (+48-56) 611-42-29, 611-42-85, phone/fax (+48-56) 652-04-20 e-mail:


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