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Maritime University in Szczecin
70-500 Szczecin
tel. (48 91) 34 42 26

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The Maritime University of Szczecin [Wyzsza Szkola Morska w Szczecinie, to give its Polish name] is one of two such institutions in Poland. It is located on the banks of the Western Branch of the Odra River in the Baltic Sea port of Szczecin, a city of some 400,000 inhabitants and the major metropolis of Northwestern Poland. It came into being in 1969, building on the traditions of the Marine School that had been established in Szczecin in 1947.

Study abroad opportunities

At this time, English is not used as a language of instruction at the University, thus limiting study abroad opportunities to students who are fluent Polish speakers. Accordingly, foreign students that do not know Polish are required to first undertake a year of study of the Polish language. @

The Institution

The University offers a four year course of study leading to a Engineering Diploma and a five year course of study leading to a Master of Science degree in the following four areas: Sea Transport, Deep-Sea Fishing, Marine Power Plant Operation, and Merchant Fleet and Port Management .@

The University's two faculties, the Navigation Faculty and the Marine Engineering Faculty are complemented by a number of interfaculty units, namely : the Institute of Social Sciences, the Training Center for Marine Officers, and the Departments of Foreign Languages, Student Military Training, Physical Education, and Sport.

Instruction takes place both on land, in the University's study rooms and laboratories, and at sea onboard training and merchant ships. The University has two training ships, the 184 foot long ms "Nawigator XXI" and the sailing ship "Dar Mlodziezy." The University offers both intramural and extramural instruction, the intramural studies are attended by approximately one thousand students while about four hundred student attend extramural studies. Postgraduate training is also offered in several areas.


Faculty of Navigation
Faculty of Marine Engineering

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