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Biography and Profiles
530 words Translation of a short article in the Warsaw-based daily Rzeczpospolita relating to nomination of the author for an award
1,600 words A University of Vienna site that features separate webpages devoted to Kapuscinski's biography, poetics, primary and secondary bibliography and foreign reception.
1,585 words Article by Geoff Dyer creates a broad profile of the journalist, poet and adventurer Ryszard Kapuscinski who is known to throw himself into the midst of political turmoil. The article discusses Kapuscinski's Imperium, Soccer War, Another Day of Life and Shadow of the Sun among others.
830 words Highlights the evolution of the distinctive Kapuscinski writing style which uses unusual metaphor and psychological characterization. Includes a bibliography of Polish, English, German and French releases.
2,910 words Literary biography, selected bibiliography inclusive of translations.
210 words Read a brief description of the authors' early education in Warsaw and his collection of stories, The Polish Bush, published in 1962. Find mention of The Emperor, his book about Haile Salassie
120 words Brief account of the author's career including friendships he developed, coups his witnessed and earlier books he published
>150 words a brief biography of Ryszard Kapuscinski and a list of his several books.
430 webpages   Large Polish language website devoted to Kapuscinski
2,310 words Acceptance speech given by Ryszard Kapuscinski at the award ceremony of the Premio Grinzane Cavour.
275 words Award of the 2003 Premio Grinzane Cavour, one of Italy's most important literary prizes, to Richard Kapuscinski.
325 words Background information for awardee Ryszard Kapuscinski. Additional information available from the Press Room
40 awards   Polish language webpage listing awards received by Kapuscinski.
1,735 words A 2003 article in New Perspectives Quarterly adapted from a talk Ryszard Kapuscinski gave to Lettre International in Berlin.
3,440 words An New Perspectives Quarterly article of observations adapted from a January 1986 conversation with Mr. Kapuscinski.
1,055 words An second New Perspectives Quarterly article of this title by Kapuscinski, this from the Fall 2002 issue.
4,435 words Guardian Unlimited Books' excerpt from The Shadow of the Sun. Read this gripping description of Kapuscinski's exploration of Monrovia, Liberia and the social system created by newly liberated American slaves.
3,355 words Random House provides an excerpt from the first chapter of The Shadow of the Sun. Read about Kapuscinski's arrival in Ghana and his encounter with Kofi Baako, minister of education and information.
2,610 words USA Today's excerpt from the first chapter of Kapuscinski's book The Shadow of the Sun outlines the heat, people and environment that Kapuscinski finds in Ghana.
1,020 words Kapuscinski's vignettes describing events in Africa in the tumultuous year of 1966, a year in which the continent "lived through nine coups, not to mention several unsuccessful anti-government conspiracies, deep crises and internal struggles bordering on civil war."
4,220 words An interview with Kapuscinski in which he discusses the circumstances of his youth in Plinsk, his first reporting assignment in India and his early fascination with the African continent.
2,435 words An interview with Ryszard Kapuscinski which explores how Kapuscinski began his journalism career, how he used Aesopian writing and how he interacted with other foreign correspondents in Africa.       cached
2,015 words Michigan Today's excerpts of conversations Kapuscinski had with the students and faculty at the University of Michigan during his November 1997 visit to the campus.
1,765 words Extracts from Wojciech Jagielski's long and fascinating interview with the famous Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski about Idi Amin and post-colonial Africa.
39 minutes
21.49 M
Interview with Ryszard Kapuscinski in which he discusses his views on covering revolutions.
Book Reviews
5,025 words The Times Literary Supplement's review of The Shadow of the Sun and an extensive critique of Kapuscinski's work that points out factual inaccuracies in his writings.
2,950 words A Los Angeles Times review of Kapuscinski's Another Day of Life and The Shadow of the Sun
2,435 words The Complete Review website provides a review of the Book and links to reviews in other publications allowing one to compare the commentary of book reviewers from the Economist, London Review, the TLS and The Village Voice and the New York Times among others. Peruse links to interviews and biographical details.
4,840 words
in toto
The website features an introduction and reproduces four book reviews:
  • 'The Shadow of the Sun': Africa, a Mosaic of Mystery and Sorrow by Richard Bernstein (New York Times, 11-5-2001) - 1,050 words
  • Afrique fractale by Antoine de Gaudemar (Libération, 2-11-2000) - 990 words in French
  • Arts Extra: The Prince of Reportage by Michael J. Agovino (Newsweek, May, 28, 2001) - 1,550 words
  • Under siege in Luanda by Micheal T. Kaufman (New York Times, 15-12-1987) - 1,325 words
  • The Decline and Fall of the Russian Empire by Tobin Harshaw (New York Times, 25-9-1994) - 1,290 words
5,435 The website reproduces five book reviews:
  • Dispatches From a Secret Continent by Patrick Marnham (New York Times, 14-4-1991) - 1,700 words
  • The Great Injustice and the Great Humiliation by Moorhead Kennedy (New York Times, 7-4-1985) - 810 wprds
  • A Nation Trampled by Despotism by Christopher Lehmann-Haupt (New York Times, 1-4-1985) - 920 words
  • The Dictator's Downfall by Xan Smiley, (New York Times, 29-5-1983) - 1,180 words
  • Text by Herbert Mitgang (New York Times, 30-7-1983) - 825 words
1,515 words The Guardian's review of The Shadow of the Sun
700 words A writeup by Random House of Kapuscinski's The Shadow of the Sun, a portrait of Africa. Includes quotes and critical praise.
670 words Pittsburgh Post Gazette's review highlights the conditions of African life that Kapuscinski immersed himself in during his quest to understand the politics of Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Rwanda.
570 words Aaron McCarroll Gallegos' review of The Shadow of the Sun published in Sojourners Magazine.
510 words The Economist's review of The Shadow of the Sun
415 words A short review of The Shadow of the Sun as an interpretation of the events in Rwanda, Angola, and Liberia that Kapuscinski sought to understand. Site allows one to locate other Kapuscinski titles carried by this large bookseller.
360 words World Press Review: Brief introduction and a review of Shadow of the Sun. Discussion of the evolution of Kapuscinski's work from articles to books
3,945 Words An essay that discusses the book's structure and themes and seeks to answer analytically the question of whether Kapuscinski is an an Existential Journalist.
Info-poland is greatful to info-poland associate Ajay Revels for researching this topic and for setting out the basic structure of this webpage.
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