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Portrait of Mrs. Berson A Lady Redhead Kolomyjka, 1895 Blessing of the Waters
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49 painting flag   Website of an acution house. To view the Axentowicz paintings, Click on artist's name. The paintings are accompanied by short description and a short standard biographical note
1 painting
240 words
Discussion of the symbolism of the featured painting, "Blessing of the Waters" by Teodor Axentowicz
30 paintings flag   A gallery of paintings, with links to biographical (60 words) and bibliographical pages (4 books)
1 painting flag   A second Axentowicz painting with the title "Feast of the Jordan"
1 painting Axentowicz's painting "Feast of the Jordan"
4 paintings flag   Page of paintings with links to biographical and bibliographical pages
1830 words Illustrated essay featuring, intra alia, a noted poster by Axentowicz
9 paintings flag  images in an auctionhouse catalog
9 paintings flag  Paintings and biographical notes (85 words)
700 words Fin de Siecle Deja Vu: A review of an Axentowicz exhibition held in 1998 at the National Museum in Krakow
General sources and locations of paintings at top: from the left
    "Portrait of Mrs. Berson," c. 1907, Mazowieckie Museum, Plock
    "A Lady"
    "Ruda," polswiss Auction House
    "Kolomyjka," c. 1895, National Museum, Warsaw
    "Blessing of the Waters ," Kosciuszko Foundation, New York City
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