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Archaeological research at Oslonki focuses on the study of the earliest farmers (4000 B.C.) of the North European Plain continuing work begun in 1976 at the nearby site of Brzesc Kujawski. Author: Peter Bogucki.
37 links Website maintained by the Poznan Archaeological Museum. Provides a variety of information on archology in Poland.
1,550 words Subtitled "From a Notebook of Polish-American Archeologist, the 1996 article discusses the why the author undertook archeological research in Poland and the findings it has made regarding early farmers in the region." Author: Peter Bogucki.
2,820 words Article discusses the spread of farming across Europe, including Poland's plains between 8,000 and 5,000 years ago as the result of two processs: the migration and dispersal of farmers and the adoption of crops and livestock by indigenous foragers. Author: Peter Bogucki.
350 words Summary of Thesis
725 words Article introducing the archeological site of Ostrow Lednicki, an island on Lake Lednica and a place that claims to be where Mieszko I, Poland's first Christian ruler, established his administrative capital in 966
620 words Article introducing the archeological site of Ostrow Lednicki, the administrative capital established by Mieszko I a thousand years ago.
690 words Archeological information about Giecz a major political and economic center of the newly emergent Polish state in the 10–11 centuries.
1,040 words Report on fieldwork in the years 1994-1997. &nbps; 17 photographs of site
790 words Underwater archaeology in Poland and the discovery and investigatin of the ship's wreck. half nautical mile off the coast.
35 links Directory hosted on the website of the Archeological Museum in Poznan
510 words Description of the fieldwork in Giecz and the opportunity for volunteers to apply for Summer of 2007
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