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> The Lodz Ghetto - 1940-1944

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1,230 words A description of the ghetto created by the Germans in the city of Łódź during their occupation of Poland
565 words The station through which were transported food for the ghetto and goods produced in the ghetto, and from which deportations to extermination camps.took place.
430 words Website set up as part of the 60th anniversary of the liquidation and the final extermination of the Jewish community of Łódź by the Germans during WWII
6,560 words in toto A series of websites created by students of the High School #13 in Lodz. Includes a history of the Lodz Ghetto, a detailed map of the same, a set of colored photos from the Ghetto, and more.
4,315 words - Speech by Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, the "Elder of the Jews" of the Lodz Ghetto, so appointed by the Germans, an extremely controversial figure. Ssite gives an overview of the controversy and then presents Rumkowski's most controversial speech where he asks the ghetto population to give up their children for transport.
535 words A brief history of the ghetto and accounts of efforts to memorialize it.
2,560 words A history of the Ghetto and the event that took place there. Posted by the Jewish Virtual Library
2 maps
675 words
A history of the ghetto posted by the US Holocaust Museum
1,300 words Article posted by the BBC regarding a major Holocaust memorial ceremony held by the city of Lodz on Sunday, August 29 2004. The ceremony was dedicated to the thousands of Jews and Roma persecuted by the Nazis in the ghetto there during World War II.
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