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Province map

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Łódź (Łódzkie) Province

The province is situated in the center of both Europe and Poland. Some of its specific cultural heritage derives from the province having been inhabited by people of several nations: the Poles, Russians, Germans and Jews. Traces of these different cultures can still be found in many parts of the region. The population of the £ód¼ province is approximately 1.2 million people and 68.8% of these people inhabit the province's capital - £ód¼. Though the province has beautiful river valleys, with the Warta and Pilica valleys exhibit interesting landscapes, and boast 85 nature reserves and 7 landscape parks, the region is best known as an industrial powerhouse. During the 19th century it became one of the largest textile centers in Europe and was one of the most famous and largest industrial regions in the country. Although today textiles remains one of the principal industries of the province, other industries, such as the chemical, machinery and food-processing, have developed in there in recent years.

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Links Size Comments
Lódz: The Capital of the Province - 793,000 inhabitants
392 webpages Webpages of the City's official website informing about: history, the people of Lodz,, architectural and other object, a map of the City, City Authorities, etc.
17 pages Location, economy, leading local businesses, etc.
14 webpages Webpages provied information regarding the history of Lodz and its churches, shrines, and mills
700 words
3 phots
A "Panorama of Polish Cities" page devoted to Lódz
245 words
5 photos
Another "Panorama of Polish Cities" page devoted to Lódz
9 webpages A "welcome to Poland" website devoted to Lodz providing information regarding mansions, palaces, factories, the weather
6,560 words
in toto
During the interwar period, one-third of Lodz's citizens were Jewish. Today there are few left. Through their project, the stidents of the High School #13 in Lodz wanted others to know where the Jews in Poland came from, what they contributed and what has happened to them. The project was their entry in the Cyber Fair 2000 competition.
2,550 words A webpage devoted to the Jewish Ghetto that the Germans created in Lodz during WWII
115 words Thumnail description of book of short stories that Isaih Spiegel managed to write while an inmate of the ghetto. The stories depict Jewish life in the ghetto.
Belchatów - 60,800 inhabitants
3,360 words total
6 photos
Pages from the Lexicon of Polish Cities, Towns and Villages
Kutno - 51,900 inhabitants
635 words
2 photos
Location, history and prospectives for development
550 words
4 photos
Information about the town primarily from a investment opportunities point of view
17 webpages Location, economy, leading local businesses, etc.
Piotrków Trybunalski - 81,500 inhabitants
17 Webpages Location, economy, investment, etc
1323 words
2 photos
1 visual
A "Panorama of Polish Cities" page devoted to Lódz
Radomsko - 52,000 inhabitants
195 words total
4 photos
2 visuals
Pages from the Lexicon of Polish Cities, Towns and Villages
982 words
2 photos
1 visual
A "Panorama of Polish Cities" page devoted to Radomsko
Rawa Mazowiecka - 18,300 inhabitants
846 words
3 photos
A "Panorama of Polish Cities" page devoted to Rawa Mazowiecka
Sieradz - 45,900 inhabitants
17 webpages Information about prelude, buildings, history, culture, people, etc
41 pages Informations about history, buildings, gallery, peoples, places, etc
349words Summary of fortified bridge at Sieradz
Skierniewice - 49,000 inhabitants
676 words
3 photos
1 visual
Informations about location, business investment, farming institute, it's major attributes, etc
Tomaszów Mazowiecki - 70,300 inhabitants
9 webpages Informations about location, history of the town, folkarts, history moments, etc
1,722 words total
6 photos
2 visuals
Pages from the Lexicon of Polish Cities, Towns and Villages
Zduńska Wola - 45,900 inhabitants
114 words Information about history, monuments of architecture, culture, sport, etc
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