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Accounts of the Events
a series of slides An annotated exhibit of photographs from the uprising
2,100 words An overview of the uprising divided into seven periods:
Days before the uprising - July, 1944; August 1-4; August 5-12; August 12 - September 2; September 6-11; September 16-30; October 2; The aftermath.
79 webpages An extensive website providing a timeline-essay of the Uprising (2,710 words), ten galleries of historic photos divided by topic; eight movies, four songs from the Uprising, and a 2,700-word FAQ section.
1,626 words The website discusses the prelude to the Warsaw Rising, the Home Army's Operation Burza (Storm or Tempest), the rising itself, and provides the statistics of the Allied Air-bridge.
1,612 words The website features pages about the antecedents of the uprising and the events of August 1944, as well as maps of the front in the environs of Warsaw in mid-August and on September 24, 1944 and the areas of Warsaw controlled by the Polish Home Army on August 5 and September 26, 1944. Several other intended pages are unavailable.
16,235 words total
  570 words
 610 words
  6,650 words
 8,365 words
The website reproduces pages from German Crimes in Poland, published by the Central Commission for Investigation of German Crimes in Poland. Warsaw, 1946

   Part I: Crimes committed in the Marie Curie-Sklodowska Radium Institute; Crimes in Other Hospitals; How the civilian population was murdered
   Part II: Evacuation of the inhabitants; Living barricades of Poles; Burning Corpses; Crimes at Marymont; Executions in the Market Halls; Crimes at Praga; Crimes in the centre of the city; Executions in the Opera-House
Historical Analyses of the Political Aspects
21 pages An article by historian Marek Jan Chodakiewicz occasioned by the interst of CNN in making a documentary about the Rising.
2,010 words An analysis by Prof. Norman Davies of British actions and inactions in the context of the Warsaw Uprising. The article is precede in the series by one entitled The German view of Warsaw Rising 1944 and a second one entitled political The British and the Home Army.
7,260 words A scholarly analysis of the Yalta antecedents, of the Warsaw Uprising as a Polish reason of state. amd the beginnig of the Cold War as defined by the Soviet refusal to allow the Allies to provide military help the insurgents.
1,925 words Selected passagespages (pp. 187-193) from The Polish Underground State: A Guide to the Underground, 1939-1945 by Stefan Korbonski,
8,400 words An undergraduate honors thesis that takes a longer view of the reasons for the uprising and its failure.
760 words A BBC August 2, 2004 report on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the beginnign of the uprising.       cached
Diary Entries
875 words August 1, 1944 diary entry by Maria Krystyna Bankowska, a member in the Underground Army's Women Service, recorded in the hours leading up to the start of the Uprising
420 words The third day of the Uprising. Diary of a woman Liason Officer delivering dispatches
180 words The 15th day of the Uprising. Destruction of the historic Old Town as recorded by a resident of
215 words The 21st day of the Uprising. Women combatants supplying isolated units via the sewers.
235 words The 29th day of the Uprising. Human toll of the bombardment as recorded by a resident
360 words The 32nd day of the Uprising. Isolated units are evacutated through the sewers guided woman combatant
225 words The 50th day of the Uprising. The civilian population experiences calamity. Diary entry written by a Warsaw resident
Personal Accounts
1,275 words The Recollections of Witold Górski: In the Conspiracy; A wretched death; Gasoline filled bottles; Shipped to Auschwitz
2,045 words The Recollections of Krystyna Fundalinska: A patriotic heritage; A Polish flag; Wounded; The Aftermath
1,505 words The Recollections of Karol Tomaszewski: Hit; Again in action; Through the sewers; To the POW camp at Lamsdorf
1315 words Excerpts from Chapter 5 of Thirteen Is My Lucky Number, a 1996 book of WWII experiences by Bill C. Biega
2109 words Two segments from the diary of John Damski recounting his experiences during the Warsaw Uprising
60 photographs A collection of photographs of varying qulity from the Warsaw Uprising of 1944
1,260 words A BBC August 1, 2004 recounting of the story of a participant in the Warsaw uprising of 1944.       cached
Book Reviews
750 words Review of The Warsaw Rising of 1944 a 1974 book by Jan M. Ciechanowski
1,110 words Excerpts of the Guardian's review of Rising '44 - The Battle for Warsaw by Norman Davies
820 words Carlo d'Este's New York Times review of Rising '44 - The Battle for Warsaw by Norman Davies as excerpted by the Polish Cultural Institute.         cached
975 words The Sunday Telegraph's review of Rising '44 - The Battle for Warsaw by Norman Davies. Registration (free) required for viewing.
590 words Washington Post's review of Rising '44 - The Battle for Warsaw by Norman Davies. Under the subtitle "Red Army Rising" it is the second of four reviews on linked webpage
Memorials, Musea ...
7 photographs, 635 words The website features photos of the Warsaw Uprising monument which stands in Warsaw's Krasinski Square, a site of fierce fighting during the 1944 Uprising against the German occupiers. It also features an extended description of the Warsaw Uprising from a plaque at the monument site.
36 Webpages Website of the Museum being built in Warsaw and scheduled to be open for the 60th anniversary of the Uprising. The website gives details of the competitions for the design of the museum and its exhibition, also progress in the museums creation as well as galleries of photographs.
CNN websites related to Warsaw Rising a 'CNN Presents' documentary
one page Title Page; Three Popups are available on the page: The Story; TIMELINE - The Rebellion; and QUIZ - Learn more about the uprising
450 words Introduces 'CNN Presents' special which was aired on June 6, 2004 as one of two programs marking the 60th anniversary of D-Day.
5,575 words Transcript of documentary
2.010 words Educator Guide
7 pages Piecemeal introduction with visuals and accompanying text.
15 pages 1939 -1945: visuals and annotations regarding events before, during and after the Rising.
5 pages Multiple chioce questions based on the "CNN Presents" video.
America Radio Works websites related to Red Runs the Vistula: The Warsaw Uprising of 1944 a one hour documentary
10,800 words
1 hour audio
The Warsaw Uprising of 1944
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