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Directory of Poland on the Web pages pertaining to Jewish matters

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Translations of statements and articles which appeared in Poland's press
Jedwabne Tragedy
28 articles Polish Academic Information Center's translations of articles and essays regarding Jedwabne originally published by Polish newspapers
Thou Shalt Not Kill - Poles on Jedwabne
35 articles Translations of articles from the Polish periodical Wiez posted on the Polish Embassy's website
How Deep the Guilt?
2,520 words A March 17, 2001 article published concurrently in the New York Times and Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland's largest circulation daily, by Adam Michnik, the latter's editor
Thou Shall Not Kill
2,900 words Translations of the October 7, 2000 investigative Jedwabne article in Rzeczpospolita, Poland's newspaper of record
Burning Alive
5,100 words Translations of the May 5, 2000 investigative Jedwabne article in Rzeczpospolita. Translation preface by M.T. Rogers, who lost 27 relatives in the massacre.
Seen from Jedwabne
4,500 words Article by Anna Bikont whose book My Z Jedwabnego (We of Jedwabne), a finalist in 2005 Nike Literary Award, Poland's highest, based on four years of her work as a reporter, details not only the terrifying facts but also the creation of the false memory.
Jan Tomasz Gross on Jedwabne
S±siedzi (Neighbors)
161 pages PLJan Tomasz Gross's book
Jan Gross on Poland's Shame
2,860 words An interview granted by Prof. Gross to the New Yorker magazine.
Tomasz Strzembosz on Jedwabne
Tomasz Strzembosz - Jedwabne 1941
25,654 words A partially abriged translations by Mariusz Wesolowski of articles by Tomasz Strzembosz and others on the topic of Jedwabne that take issue with the account in Jan Gross' book Neighbors
Essays by Polonians (Polish diaspora)
One Polish American Responds
17,040 words Danusha Goska's discussion of Polish anti-Semitism and Jewish anti-Polonism in articles in the New Yorker, TLS, and the Times
Part 1 - The Storm over Jedwabne Reaches the U.S.
Part 2 - Estrangement and Community
3,180 words A two part article by A.W. Tymowski on "How To Talk About Neighbors"
The Jedwabne Issue
2740 words Z. Korbońska on Polish-Jewish; Relations Under German Terror:
Ordinary terror
5,930 words M.J. Chodakiewicz: Communist and Nazi Occupation Policies in Jedwabne, 1939-49
Jedwabne: The Politics of Apology and Contrition
3,390 words Article by I.C. Pogonowski subtitled: Defamation: The Price of Poland's Heroism
Voices on the Jedwabne tragedy
210 links Most extensive set of links to articles in English - posted on the website of the "Borderland" (Pogranicze) Foundation
190 links PLJedwabne articles in "Rzeczpospolita," Poland's newspaper of record
Polish Crimes Against Jews Detailed
530 words Publication of Polish government's 1,500-page report "Around Jedwabne" - AP
Coming to Terms with the "Dark Past": The Polish Debate about the Jedwabne Massacre.
17,690 words Analysis by Joanna Michlic published by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in its Current Trend in Antisemitism Series.
Last checked: August 19, 2004


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